St Andrews Christian Mission

The Charity and Missionary Society -”St. Andrews” Christian Mission founded in September 1995/ NR.15 PJ/ 29 September 1995, is an evangelical Christian mission which has two sides in his ministry: RELIGIOUS and SOCIAL. We are evangelical, as the theological orientation; as a functional structure, we have five departments and we are working by programs. Also, we are opening for all evangelical churches and ministries from our country and everywhere in the world, who want to join us in our charity and missionary ministry, opened in the honor of The Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Our current projects are:
Charity Program - including: Food Aid - providing monthly food parcels, medical help and counselling.
Families Support - supporting poor and needy families.
AIDS Children’s Project - visiting children who have aids in hospital with fruit, sweets, and Christian literature.
Disaster Relief - we support families displaced by emergencies or catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, landslides etc
Medical Ministry - we provide medicines to poor families, who cannot afford medicines otherwise.
School Sponsorship - where we encourage friends to sponsor a child’s education.
Children’s Ministry - we run a Children’s ministry
Churches Support - we support churches in our region, and with the help of our sponsors, provide help in repairing church buildings where necessary.
Mission & Evangelism - as we train people for the mission field.
Summer Camps - as we provide breaks for families who wouldn’t otherwise afford a vacation.
Onesimus Project - A series of correspondence Bible Study Courses for prisoners.

St Andrews Christian Mission Romania
Str. Aleea General Gheorghe avramescu 7, Sc.A, Ap.5
BOTOSANI, Romania, Europe 710049
Tel. +40 (231) 535954
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