Asociatia Internationala UN PAS SPRE VIITORAsociatia Internationala UN PAS SPRE VIITOR

In our UPSV Integration Center we offer our young counseling and advice in order to help them find a good job, psychological counseling, temporary shelter, and we also teach them how to live an independent life. The Center is located in a building of a school which has 12 rooms. We are currently helping 22 youths who have mostly came from orphanages or from very poor families. Some of them are at school or high school, others are working while some are looking for a job. UPSV Association was founded in 2003 after I left the orphanage. Unpleased by the government system, I wanted so much to make a difference and I decided to have my own orphanage. The main problem with the government is that as soon as the youths reach 18 years they are left on the streets with no help. That's how I got to open the Center in Brasov. We don't have employees, meaning that we can apply the independent life rules, whereby the young people can learn to cook for themselves, do their own washings and they can clean their own rooms. This way they are preparing to become independent. A few years ago we renovated the Center with the help of volunteers from America.

This is a short story of the Center:
My name is Florin Cătănescu. I dedicated myself to helping as many youths from placement centers as possible, as I too have grown up in an orphanage, being abandoned at birth.

“Un Pas Spre Viitor” - A Step Forward - International Association

Our goal is: the social and professional integration of young adults who have turned 18 years old and who left or are about to leave the orphanages, taking them in the Social Integration Center founded in 2006, in Braşov.

Our obiectives are: to provide educational and social development programs for our youths; to implement the social integration and monitoring of disadvantaged youths with a view to helping them to accomplish their intended purpose.

As well as supporting over 18's we also offer moral and material support to children who suffer because of shortcomings at home or if they have left home because of unbearable circumstances. We provide these children with a home, food and clothing as well as school supplies. We have accreditation for counseling and social integration of underprivileged youth from the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection.

Asociatia Internationala UN PAS SPRE VIITOR (Internatul Liceului Mircea Cristea)
Florin Cătănescu
Turnului nr.3
Brasov Romania 500152
Phone: 0721219999
Fax: 0368457054

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