For This Season

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How Great Is Our God!!!

God is so GOOD!!! We have signed our second client under “Surrogate Daughter, NJ”, P.U.S.H. ministries, in less than a week. Thank you God for calling us into your plan!!!

Unemployment Assistance Available to New Jerseyans

Disaster Unemployment Assistance Available to New Jerseyans
Release Date: September 14, 2011
Release Number: 4021-020

┬╗ More Information on New Jersey Hurricane Irene

NEPTUNE, N.J — Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is available to self-employed residents or individuals who worked in New Jersey and are unemployed as a direct result of Hurricane Irene, according to state and federal officials.

The application deadline for DUA in Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic and Somerset counties is Oct. 3.

The application deadline for DUA in Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Salem, Sussex, Warren, and Union counties is Oct. 7.

Unemployment insurance claims filed after the deadlines may be ineligible for payment.

The first step is to file for unemployment insurance benefits by calling a New Jersey Reemployment Call Center. Individuals who need DUA may call any one of the numbers below, from any county, and a DUA specialist will provide assistance.

Union City: 201-601-4100
Freehold: 732-761-2020
Cumberland: 856-507-2340

If it is determined that a worker or self-employed individual is not eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI), the Disaster Unemployment Assistance program may pay benefits to those whose work has been lost or interrupted as a direct result of a disaster.

DUA is designed to cover workers and self-employed individuals such as artists, farmers and farm workers, freelance writers and photographers, and others who normally would not be eligible for UI.

“If anyone has lost their job because of a disaster, I urge you to apply for the Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Don’t hesitate. Let the Department of Labor and Workforce Development determine your eligibility,” said Lt. Paul Miller, state coordinating officer of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance information is available in Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC). Residents can find the DRC closest to them online at: . For information on all New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development programs and services, visit

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

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For This Season

As, I think about the new season God is about to bring into my life, I sit and wonder how I will get through it. I have been a mommy for 27 years now and as I prepare to send my babygirl off to college, as she told me today, “in 20 days”, I continue to think about what is next. I have already started to feel the void of having her here in my home, seeing her beautiful smile, listening to her wisdom of much more then 18 years, and as a true mommy, I tear up. I know that He has placed each one of my children here for a purpose and it was my job to nurture them for this season. Words cannot express the happiness I have had with this job, the tears I have shed with this job nor the times when I didn’t know the answer of a question they would ask. I was once told that,” you are a mommy you are suppose to know everything”. Well, I don’t know what this season is going to bring, I do know that God has it planned out. So, in the coming weeks, I will breathe deep breathes, wipe the tears from my eyes, and prepare my heart and mind for this season.

A Smile

Do something today that will put a big smile on God’s face!

A Gift

Many times in life we wonder what we can give someone as a gift. Our heavenly Father provided each of us a with a special gift that is to be shared with another. To often we hold back on sharing our gift because of fear or not fully realizing the impact that our gift has. Tonight, I challenge you to open your heart and let God speak to you about your gift. To you it might be small but to the receiver it is the biggest gift they need at this time. Stop holding onto to something that God intended for someone else. Remember that we are just the vessel that He uses to change someone’s life.

Bearing Another’s Burdens

As I continue to seek God for His awesome wisdom concerning the event of last friday morning, witnessing a man take his own life, He has pressed upon my heart the word “bearing”. I have begun to ask myself, am I bearing the burdens of others and if I am, what have I been doing in the physical to help them. Many times in life we know that someone is going thru something that is and can be drastically life changing. We pray and counsel as we are instructed and taught as believer. But, many times we leave it right there. When a man, woman, or child is hurting in the physical we know that God is there with them, but sometimes in the midst of this hurt, they do not. Recently, I took a class at my church and was asked to write down 10 people in my inner circle that were unsaved, I could not! That was the beginning of God speaking to me about “bearing another’s burdens”. I have surrounded myself with others of like mind, because they keep me focus, hold me accountable to “them”, and continue to keep me filled with the Word. Why,┬ábecause this is my comfort zone. In order for me to truly effective for my Father, I have to live my life outside of my comfort zone at all times. I now know that praying for someone because they asked me or because I see something that is not comfortable is not what He means when He says, “pray without ceasing”. Before I put my car in drive at the beginning of each day, I pray for safe traveling mercy, but now I pray without ceasing, because that car I just pass, the car in front of me, or the car beside me might have someone in it that just need to have a short pray sent up for them by someone who knows how to get a prayer thru. When we “bear another’s burdens”, we are to carry or support them, to suffer under the weight of that burden ourselves, and God will give us a testimony! I have mine, today, and I say Thank You, Lord.