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God Is

God will work it out. You just have to ask and believe!! #GODIS…..

God’s Plan

It has been in my spirit for the past few weeks how the church disrespects Jesus.
Jesus was here to teach us among other things how to give and who to give to. There is no where in the Bible that says to give only to those who come to your church. It didn’t say hand out a can of green beans and you’ve done your part.
As an example, following His Father’s instructions, Jesus went into the communities healing, feeding counseling and giving a word.
Why do we find that so difficult?? Is our time more important than that of our Father?? We seem to ask Him for a lot. Why is it so hard to follow Jesus’s instructions and His walk.
We testify in church that Jesus is first in our life but how are you showing it.?
Take time to pray and ask God what your assignment is. If you pray with great sincerity, He will make it plain.
The only way we are going to have positive change in our families and community is to get involved and be on one accord.

Come Together

The churches have to start preaching the practices of Jesus instead of focusing on numbers and amount of offerings. They have to come to a realization that although we may worship differently, we all pray to God. If we can stop talking about our differences and start talking about the power of Prayer and coming together to pray for families and communities we would see Power changes that only God can do.
Church is so much more than a 2 hour service. Let’s start coming together as Jesus would have us to do.

Building A Community

Jesus was about His Father’s business NOT ego. So my question is why do so many churches operate out of ego and not focused on community. They are so worried about numbers, offering what people look like and smell like they lose total sight of the Jesus that they speak about. It HAS to stop if we are going to make a difference. Let’s join forces. Let’s pray together and watch God move!

A Thought: Gossip

How many times a day do you listen to gossip? The past several days I have listened to so much I’m just worn out. Keith looked at me and said ” when are you going to stop allowing yourself to be a human trash can ?” I really never thought about it like that but it’s true. Our worth is so much greater than listening to mess that someone is sharing to build themselves up and tear others down!

Cries Of The Young

Please be praying that adults hear the cries of young people that are being bullied and those who are depressed. Authorities and parents have to recognize these young people are in great pain. Please pray God touches these young people and holds them tightly and that He leads them to solutions and peace. Praying in Jesus name!