Convicted Hearts

Checking Things Out


DeVon Simmons Re Entry Coordinatior, Office of the Attorney General with Jerome Anderson Director of Convicted Hearts.

Who’s Your Friend

WHOS YOUR FRIEND WHEN YOU GET LOCKED UP…..So you had so much fun out on the street riding out playing loud music slanging that dope ,smoking blunts partying with all types of chicks.Then you see the blue lights behind you ,you tell everybody dont turn around cops behind us.Then what do you know your so called buddy just happens to turn around with the 40 bottle in the air.You here the siren.Didnt paln on this ,all the girls get quiet ,you turn the latest killa rap song down.Felt so cool to be a google gangsta.Yo homeboy say” man i cant go to jail im on probation so he puts all his party goods under your seat,the girls start crying away.You pull over cop ask you for id and license your buddy talikng all that gangsta stuff,but your going to jail.Dont worry he yells i got ya bro.Two weeks go by and still not a word.You try to call collect no answer .Only one writes you is mom,Or the local pastor.Whos your friend ? You get all types off charges and take the rapp for everything.3 months go by and still no letter,whos your friend?Now its been a year and its time for you to go home.You get the bus back to town and guess who there with a big blunt and a 40 bottle your friend.Will you do it again???? just think next time,whos your friend

Faith Can Move A Mountian

Dear Commonwealth of Virginia,i just would like to know what does your system do to help people just coming out of jail.I would like to know if a person cant get foodstamps because of there charges how will they eat?Is there any educational programs in the jails to prepare a person for society ? Or do you just give them a jail sentence , let them think all hope is gone!Please help those who are going to jail because they may have went through some hard times.Change is possible.I have changed myself.It wasnt easy i admit,i had to search real hard.If there was someone who could talk to people prior to there release you wouldn’t have to spend ten million dollars on a truck to ride around looking like we are in a war zone.You could use a couple hundred of dollars to print out a few sheets with resources available.Spend a few more dollars on a few books on self improvement.Maybe then someone will see there is hope,then this will give them faith.If faith can move a mountain, i bet it can crush a pipe or cause a pill to be needed no more.Stop a husband from abusing his wife.Let a single mother know she can make it on her own.Give a teenager a sense of security,knowing that one day they can be a productive member of this society.Dont set me up for failure!Let me see a light in a tunnel i just happen to walk through.GOD BLESS YOU Commonwealth of Virginia..Sincerely a changed man..

Natural High



Felt a little down earlier today , then I saw my buddy and he had his we sat down a wrote a song. A happiness covered us both. We laughed and got so energized, it was a natural high and it was free.My GOD I thank you for not letting me go. I give all the glory to you and in your name let this joyful healing continue.Break these chains and grind them into dust. Let a wind pick that which has kept me down for so long up and carry it to the sea.Heal this soul, that’s so tired from the burdens it bares.Your will be done only. LET no weapon form against me .or your servants. Give Us This day our daily bread. So may be filled with your spirit. .AMEN


When you go to a ministry asking for cash don’t be offended if they say they have none. If they say let’s pray , don’t be offended prayer works. If you receive food that you don’t like be thankful for a meal.Alot of people don’t want to help anymore cause we are becoming an ungrateful society. We get what we want and don’t say thanks. We forget our past time pains.we judge a person quick , when we use to live just like them. We get a new job and forget about those who were there when we had nothing. Our faith goes towards getting a new pair of shoes or coat. We forget our churches who paid our light bills. We becomes me just know we’re you came from. ALSO BE GRATEFUL. ….