One For The Road

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Wednesday April 29, 2015

Here I am, again!
Some know what’s going on with me but most don’t, so I’ll try to catch up on my going-on’s of late.
I was recently staying at a half-way house(called ARC) and left there on Monday. I am back living in my storage unit and please don’t worry, because it is all well. It’s actually much better than the half-way house. I will be writing about my experience there, soon but I want to catch up on where I am now to get the writing juices flowing, again.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

I’ve mostly been working and though I may write about that soon, it has been somewhat of a break in the action and allowed me to catch up on some other writings for the near future.
Today was a little different and I felt I should write about it, while it is fresh on my mind.
In my walks about town here, I often find myself along Minor Lane. Most of the land and homes here have been sold to the airport and/or UPS. The main hub for UPS, is right here in Kentucky and apparently not big enough, yet!
A few of the more resistant folk have kept their homes and businesses, despite the offers. The house I am staying in and fixing up is one of them. So is the Baptist Church, just down the road.

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