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IT’s almost here!!! PUSHing for Talent Contest. If you have a desire to bring your talent to the stage, get ready get ready get ready. We are inviting all musicians, dancers, comics and poets to try out. There will be a 100.00 prize for the winner. ALSO we are looking for a PUSH theme song. The winner of that contest will also receive a 100.00 prize PLUS be featured for a year on our PUSH Radio. For further information call 276 235 1059.
ALL proceeds to go to PUSH Ministries and their Feeding the 5000 Project which feeds people in our area. ( P.U.S.H. Ministries is a totally volunteer ministry)

2 comments on “PUSHing for Talent Contest

  1. Tabitha

    For the pushing for talent contest does the theme song need to be something original or can you sing a song you like?

    1. P.U.S.H. Ministries

      There are two different contests. You can sing anything you like for one chance to win and then sing an original song that is PUSH themed for your second chance to win. Hope this helps.

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