Today I was talking to a young man that volunteers with us about how we get stuck on the drama and forget all wins. I no sooner got that out of my mouth and a lady I had met several weeks ago came in. She had been in to get some help with food but she looked so distressed and I asked her what was wrong. She had just left the dr’s office and was told she had a lot of tumors and that they were cancerous. I asked her if I could pray with her. We prayed and prayed and I felt that release.She came in today to share that she went to her dr. for a second exam before doing chemo. As Only God can, she had was cancer free!! NOTHING!! A bleeding ulcer… But God. Focus on the wins and let God have the things you get stuck on. He wins every single time. ~ GO GOD!

2 comments on “Praise Report

  1. Tammy Spicer

    Praise God what a wonderful story and uplifting too. God is right on time. What an awesome God we have.

    1. Jill Burcham Post author

      AMEN! Grateful for all of the opportunities he affords us!

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