push truth has power over lies

Today I was at the drugstore getting my dad’s meds. There was a young lady standing behind me on the phone and was VERY loud. I heard her telling the caller she was tired of the lies and she was going to kick someone’s butt. After hanging up the phone she looked at me and said ” Im so tired of people trying to lie on me”. I asked her who and she said people around her.
As we talked ( thank God it was a long line), I told her that if she continued on the path she was going she was fueling the lies AND someone could get physically or emotionally hurt. She just looked at me. I went on to tell her that she had to have confidence in who she was and that if in fact the people were telling lies she needed to change her circle of people and move on.
It was just another example of how insecurities can breed lies and hurt. Encourage those around you to be transparent and accept themselves for who they are.