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Maybe Im a different spirit. I just don’t understand singeling out who someone is based on gender, race, politcal preference, religious preference, social status or personel likes.
In raising my children, I taught them that what we are on the outside is our spiritual suits and who were were was what was inside – a child or God.
I owned a manufacturing company when being a women wasn’t popular. I had people threaten to quit because they didn’t want to work for a woman. I had sugar put in my gas tank, dead fish put all over the front porch, and numerous hate phone calls. I was given token political positions because I was a female and used that as an opportunity to enhance local businesses and those around the state. Even as a Pastor, many do not recognize women in the pulpit and it’s ok because God is going to place me where HE wants me to be.
If you walk in gender, race, social status, religous preference etc. you are missing a whole big world and limit your opportunities. Walk as a child of the most High God, and watch Him place you where He wants you.~ Work Hard, and when you do the right thing….Trust God!! HE will elevate you when man won’t!!

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  1. Bobby Payne

    I worked in textiles for over forth years and I saw much of what you are describing. I tried to promote women as much as possible, I tried to make sure minorites were treated equal, etc.. It’s nothing but the right thing to do.

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