With all of the situations in our community, God is recruiting soilders who will stand up boldly with others of his army to bring Trugh and Light to each situatin.
Here in Oak Hill, state PD did a sweep of the streets. Video shows the homeless that were targeted, were physically abused, mentally abused then arrested on trumped up charges. Had the community stood in unity these homeless would have food and a place to lay there head. Several really want jobs.
Racism is rampant here. The church people scream Jesus but if you don’t look like them or smell like them you are not welcome. It is evident from the streets to the court room to the board room
Way too many children being bullied in the school system.
Oak Hill schools had threats of shooting up the school. Children not evacuated Some suspended for texting home out of fear. No one showed up at the board meeting
My point is this…………if we come together in unity, no matter whether you are affiliated with a church or not, God will open doors and put this confusion and hate to rest.
It’s time!! If you would like to join us in this movement here or in your own community please in box us or call 276 233 9019.