There was yet another suicide. This young man grew up with my older children.
I ask this question because there just seems to be so many suicides this year not only in Virginia and West Virginia but all over in your communities.
We go to church looking real good. We sing praises, we hear a word BUT is it supposed to stop there?? Going to church is where we get our instructions and but we’re to take those instructions and use them to share Light with darkness.
We are to be a walking Light where ever we go.
We need to listen to people with our ears and heart for what they say and don’t say. We are to speak life over people not the darkness of their past. We have to stop or there are going to be more deaths AND we are guilty for not getting involved.
Today Im praying over the family that lost their son. Praying God holds them tightly with His Love. Praying that people hear we have an earthly assignment!