Surrogate Daughter

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Helping Seniors Generate Cash By Holding Yard And Estate Sales.

Jill Burcham

Jill BurchamThe Surrogate Daughter was organized for the purpose of offering professional solutions to some of the business challenges faced by veterans and senior citizens.
Personal and medical challenges can make it difficult to carry out even the smallest task which causes frustration, confusion and often depression. Often a spouse has passed away who took responsibility for the family affairs. As a result, the surviving spouse is overwhelmed not only by the loss of a partner but also the added household responsibilities.
The Surrogate Daughter is designed to provide a qualified professional to handle these challenges. Each client can be assured their project will be handled lovingly and professionally.

Surrogate Daughter Services

Bill Paying

Help with Documents

  • Set up Structures
  • Review Bills
  • Handle Discrepencies
  • Set Up Budgets


  • Verify Charges/Payments
  • File Proper Paperwork


  • Review with Client
  • Develop list of questions


  • Develoip Calanders
  • Make Appointments
Personalized classes or speakers available upon request.