Women Of Purpose

Women Of Purpose

This program is designed for women of all denominations and backgrounds to come together, share stories and testimony’s, and pray. It is also designed to facilitate answers to challenges women face. Services include a food and clothing bank. Life skill programs will be sponsored to strengthen the women who attend and prepare them for being a “Woman of Purpose”

Programs concerning Womens Issues will include:

  • How do I present Myself
  • I need a job
  • Money Management
  • Quiet time for me
  • God and Me
  • Communication Skills
  • I Can’t Let Go of the Guilt
  • Starting Over
  • Why Me Lord

Classes and conference speakers available for your events.

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Stitch It Project


P.U.S.H Ministries is pleased to announce our “Project Stitch” Below Celeste Amburn is sewing a draw string bag that will be used this coming Christmas for our Christmas gift program.

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Women of Purpose are women from all over the world that want to come together and share recipes for the table, the soul and the spirit. Join us as we open the doors of the world and be a platform for women to be who God has called them to be and enjoy some good cooking …..Join us and enjoy!