Joshua Zone

Joshua Zone

Affordable Donation Based Services To Start A New Or Maintain A Successful Business.

I will give you every place where you set your foot as I promised Moses” Joshua 1:3

P.U.S.H. Business Services

Growing Business

Public Speaking Engagements and classes upon request

New Business Development

  • Business Plans
  • Budgeting
  • Business Organization
  • Corporate Image
  • Customer Service
  • Funding Sources
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Sales Techniques/Presentation

Existing Business

  • Review Current Strategies
  • Develop New Markets
  • Facilitate Personal Challenges
  • Identify Funding For New Project
  • Re-energize Company
  • New Project Development
  • Project Development
  • World Trade

Letters of Recommendation

“Jill Burcham has been a consistent and profound influence in my life for many years. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me to form two successful media companies. She has a no-nonsense approach that balances compassion with candor. Jill Burcham as the spirit that is rarely seen in corporate America but is desperately needed

-Darlene Brooks, Principal, Hartfield Brooks and Assoc. Media, LLC

“Jill Burcham has brought positive energy to all her business endeavors for the past 20 years. She is known for her uncommon common sense, and roll up your sleeves approach. Jill’s work ethic and complete understanding of running a business equip her with skills few professionals offer — intelligence, insight, “gut-feel”, listening, reaching for “stretch goals” and genuineness. These are skills that cannot be taught and that give Jill extraordinary abilities to coach other professionals towards maximum performance. I have always found it a pleasure to work with Jill;  her experience is a wealth of knowledge worth tapping. Jill is an outstanding coach because she’s “been there and done that ” with excellent results to show for it.

-Paul Grossman, Director of International Trade and Investment, Commonwealth of Va.

“Two years ago, I found myself at a crossroads professionally and personally. I was stuck! So stuck that I began to experience mild depression and lack of joy about my life. When I sat down with Jill, she asked me to describe my challenge. She listened for forty minutes, with a brief question here and there. Then there was a pause. Silence. Then she asked a question..perhaps 6 words. With that one simple, yet powerful question, everything came together. I have been an executive coach for 25 years. Jill is by far the one of the most gifted coaches I have ever known. She has an uncanny ability to cut right through the “stuff” and get to the essence of the problem”

– Peggy McAllister, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant