He is Waiting For You

Thank this Great God for loving me, carrying me, holding me, speaking peace in me, healing me, saving me, blessing me, making me, creating me, saving me, you see me in my glory but you don’t know my story this is why I keep hope alive, because with out Him, with out Jesus I would not be nothing but because of God I can face tomorrow, The Former days will be, be far Greater because the finish work of the cross not that I am perfect, He is, what I want you to know there is hope in Jesus that He will save you, deliver you, set you free, make you whole, be your friend, mother to the motherless, a father to the fatherless, down through the years Jesus has been my everything , El-Shaddia the God that is more than enough, Jehoval-Jireh my provider, Jehoval Rophe my healer, Jehoval Nissi, my banner, He reigns in me, I am transforming learning how to lean and depend on Jesus.
God does not use perfect people because there is no such a thing as a perfect person, God uses imperfect, broken, wounded, hurt, downtrodden people to serve a perfect God, God loves right where you are, except him as Lord and Savior and you are in for the ride of your life. From the Bishops Corner. P.S Jesus Saves to the utmost Jesus saves,
He is waiting on you.

Christmas For Kids 2019

“Christmas For Kids,” a PUSH Ministries Project will be taking names for those who need gifts for their children for Christmas. Sign ups from 11 to 4 each day. 201 Maple Ave. Oak Hill. Stop by PUSH Ministries. No paperwork necessary. ALL in the community are welcome. 276 233 9019

Hope & Light

God has called us to be diciples in our communities. Some have heard the call and stepped up selflessly. We would like to pay tribute to those in our communities around the country who volunteer to speak and show Hope and Light to those who are struggling.
Please email [email protected] Share their story. If you have a picture send it also. Let’s give God ALL the glory.