The Church

Ok I want to start this Message off, with What a mighty God we serve, I write nothing on Facebook that i don’t feel like that would minister to The body of Christ that will not bless and carry them to the next level or help the unsaved or the hurting or the wounded or those who are in pain, The church of the Living God is not an denomination, not a social gathering place or to come on Christmas or Easter Sunday.
The Church is a Spiritual Hospital for the spiritually sick, Those who have been hurt, wounded in pain, lost, can’t find their way, drug addicted, chained and shackled and want away out, Everyone is the hospital is sick, the level of care depends on the servility of your illnesses or issues,
No one in the Church has arrive to at place of healing That we don’t need The Great Physician, Jehoval-rophe our healer, we might have arrived to a place that through our hurts and wounds, we are at the process of being healed and the bleeding has stopped and the wound have scabbed over and the process of healing has began from the inside out, we never stop needing the Great Physician because it is a process,
Jesus said, The whole need not a physician but the sick, so i have arrive to this conclusion, we are at The Spiritual Hospital because we all Need The Great Physician, so Gods Grace is Covering us all no matter what our illness or issues are, Jesus said, And the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him. And He opened the book and found the place where it was written,
Whatever ails you whether it is spiritually, physically, mentally or Financially it is all at Gods Hospital, Come One Come All. From The Bishops Corner, There is room at the cross for you.

I Remember The Nightmare

We must bring awareness to this epidemic nightmare that has began to annilate the young as well as the old, we can’t just talk about it we must act and Show the Love of God and make them aware there is hope i Jesus and open the doors to the church and receive them.
Funny, I don’t remember no good dope days. I remember walking for miles in a dope fiend haze. I remember sleeping in houses that had no electric. I remember being called a junkie, but I couldn’t accept it. I remember hanging out in abandons that were empty and dark. I remember shooting up in the bathroom and falling out at the park. I remember nodding out in front of my sisters kid. I remember not remembering half of the things that I did. I remember the dope man’s time frame, just ten more minutes. I remember those days being so sick that I just wanted to end it. I remember the birthdays and holiday celebrations. All the things I missed during my incarceration. I remember overdosing on my bedroom floor. I remember my sisters cry and my dad having to break down the door. I remember the look on his face when I opened my eyes, thinking today was the day that his baby had died. I remember blaming myself when my mom decided to leave. I remember the guilt I felt in my chest making it hard to breathe. I remember caring so much but not knowing how to show it. and I know to this day that she probably don’t even know it. I remember feeling like I lost all hope. I remember giving up my body for the next bag of dope. I remember only causing pain, destruction and harm. I remember the track marks the needles left on my arm. I remember watching the slow break up of my home. I remember thinking my family would be better off if I just left them alone. I remember looking in the mirror at my sickly completion. I remember not recognizing myself in my own Damn reflection. I remember constantly obsessing over my next score but what I remember most is getting down on my knees and asking God to save me cuz I don’t want to do this no more !!!

God So Loved the World

Greetings in The Wonderful Name Of Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh how i love jesus, because he first Loved me, I would like to say, I am Sending out a declaration of hope, That when Jonn 3:16 God so loved the world, ( in the he beginning of time God loved you and He knows you by name) he created you in his own image) i don’t care what you going through right now, whether you are addicted to alcohol, sex, drugs or you have fallen on hard times and is homeless, feel like you have fallen and feel like you can’t get up, you don;t have to stay in the same shape you are in, There is Hope, Hope is the ability to believe in a higher power that is able to look down further than you can reach up and save you from you, save you from your addiction, save you from your sins, save you from destruction, I know the world have counted you out, and they don’t see you how God created you, but it doesn’t change the fact that God loves and gave his only begotten son to die in our stead to save us from us, our sins our habits, Growing up they counted me out and said I would never amount to anything, would die of an overdose, somebody would kill me before i was 30, or in prison for the rest of my life, but not so God saved me under the apple tree, If there was hope for me, I am sure this same God that Touched me can deliver you, set you free, restore back to you what the devil has stole, your dignity, your self esteem, your self worth, not that it needs to be restored but open your eyes of understanding, so you can see when God looks at you He sees you worthy, created you with a worth that is out of this world, There is room at the Cross for You. PS God valued You that He was willing To sacrifice his Only Begotten Son For You, so that He could have more Sons and Daughters of God, So He would have a family Called The Family of God, Be Blessed From The Bishops Corner

What Does Kingdom Living Mean To You?

There was yet another suicide. This young man grew up with my older children.
I ask this question because there just seems to be so many suicides this year not only in Virginia and West Virginia but all over in your communities.
We go to church looking real good. We sing praises, we hear a word BUT is it supposed to stop there?? Going to church is where we get our instructions and but we’re to take those instructions and use them to share Light with darkness.
We are to be a walking Light where ever we go.
We need to listen to people with our ears and heart for what they say and don’t say. We are to speak life over people not the darkness of their past. We have to stop or there are going to be more deaths AND we are guilty for not getting involved.
Today Im praying over the family that lost their son. Praying God holds them tightly with His Love. Praying that people hear we have an earthly assignment!

God Is Recruiting Soldiers For His Army

With all of the situations in our community, God is recruiting soilders who will stand up boldly with others of his army to bring Trugh and Light to each situatin.
Here in Oak Hill, state PD did a sweep of the streets. Video shows the homeless that were targeted, were physically abused, mentally abused then arrested on trumped up charges. Had the community stood in unity these homeless would have food and a place to lay there head. Several really want jobs.
Racism is rampant here. The church people scream Jesus but if you don’t look like them or smell like them you are not welcome. It is evident from the streets to the court room to the board room
Way too many children being bullied in the school system.
Oak Hill schools had threats of shooting up the school. Children not evacuated Some suspended for texting home out of fear. No one showed up at the board meeting
My point is this…………if we come together in unity, no matter whether you are affiliated with a church or not, God will open doors and put this confusion and hate to rest.
It’s time!! If you would like to join us in this movement here or in your own community please in box us or call 276 233 9019.