Circle Of Pastors

The Circle of Pastors

The Circle of Pastors was started by Pastor Jill Burcham, Bishop Keith Allen, Pastor Chris Strawbridge out of a need throughout the country, for Pastors to share their challenges both personally and professionally.

We all recognize that God is doing a “new thing” and requiring more and more from Pastors and their congregations. There is a great struggle within the church of people wanting things to stay as is and the mandate God has given to get out among the people, be relevant and meet the needs of communities.

The Circle of Pastors is prepared to come to local churches and present annointed conferences and workshops to bring new life into the church. It is also prepared to do individual Pastorial counseling and provide programs that can be adopted by the church to get out into the local community, meet the needs and bring people back to the church.

The funding generated from these conferences will go back into the church with 10% being tithed back into The Circle of Pastors.

If you would like to be a part of the Circle of Pastors, please contact: