P.U.S.H. Pakistan

Evangelist Sarfraz Bilal Town Street # 4 Waris Pura Faisalabad Pakistan Evangelist.sarfraz@yahoo.com +92 315 7435116

Evangelist Sarfraz
Bilal Town Street # 4 Waris Pura Faisalabad Pakistan
[email protected]
+92 315 7435116

P.U.S.H. Pakistan

Evangelical Miracle Ministries Pakistan has been working to spread the Word of God in Pakistan for the past 5 years. We are a non profit Christian organization located in District Faisalabad in central Punjab province of Pakistan.

Bible commands in Mark 16:15:

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

This is what we are doing, sending God’s gospel into the world. We have been inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit to do that!

We spread this message of the Lord through our Free Bibles Distribution programs, Food Distribution,Shose Clothes Distribution in Poor And needy Children,Open Air Prayer Meetings, Evangelical activities, Formal and Non Formal educational programs, Outreach into Remote Areas of Pakistan where there nobody goes with the Bible and through our Biblical discussions and studies with children, youth, women and elderly people of our community and the surrounding areas. We strive to help those who have no or are of little knowledge of the Bible. We feel that this is the time when we need to urgently spread the gospel, especially among those who do not know about Him, because the TIME is NEAR and so that they also would have a chance of coming to the Lord.

We believe that no one can get saved unless he/she listens to the Holy Word of God the words of which are infallible and directly from the mouth of God, delivered to us through the Holy men of the old. Bible says in Romans 10:17:

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

So, we encourage you to keep reading the Bible and ask your Lord God for the complete understanding of what you are reading. Ask the Lord for His mercy, surrender yourself to Him for He is the only source and door to SALVATION. Praise God!

From the Evangelist’s Heart

Dear Beloved in Christ Jesus,
We love you, We bless you We greet you in the precious Name of the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT. Our faithful God gave us this “WORD”

From this day onwards I will bless you. Hence forth all generations shall call you blessed. Blessed is the one who believed. All things are possible with God.

Therefore, my humble message to you:

Only Believe

  • God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) loves you.
  • The shed Blood of Jesus Christ saves you.
  • And Jesus Christ died for you and He rose from the dead for you and because He lives you shall live also.
  • God loves you, His compassion, His power heals you, delivers you, blesses you and even more God will do the needed miracles to prosper you in abundance.

We perceive in our hearts through the Holy Spirit that our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming soon in mid-air. Our rapture into heaven is imminent.
Let us offer ourselves completely, yield ourselves fully, submit, surrender ourselves whole heatedly, place ourselves willingly in His Hands.
Only “Believe and Receive” your miracle and life in Abundance.