P.U.S.H. Kenya

P.U.S.H. Kenya Mission for Tribes and Nations Kenya P.O. Box 13808 – 20100 Nakuru Kenya (E.A) Pastor Simon Ambuka mftnkenya@gmail.com +254712209496

P.U.S.H. Kenya
Mission for Tribes and Nations Kenya
P.O. Box 13808 – 20100 Nakuru Kenya (E.A)
Pastor Simon Ambuka Andale
[email protected]


MFTN Kenya is a church ministry and our goal is to help as many hurting people as we can to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith. We do this through vital outreaches where we share the love of Christ and by providing food and clothing, care and encouragement. We ensure time and time again we are motivated not only by the great needs of people but by the opportunity God has given us to do so. At our outreaches we are able to show people that we truly care about them and that they are not forgotten and we introduce our Saviour Jesus Christ to the people we minister to.


MFTN in Kenya. We are called to share the gospel of the Lord and extend the love of Christ to each soul, community, tribe and city through our mission – Hand of Love, Care & Encouragement. Through this ministry we teach people to apply biblical truths to every aspect of their lives, while encouraging God’s people to serve the Lord in their own communities. We provide the word of God as a shield and weapon for people as they struggle to save their salvation. We feed the hungry, provide clothing for the poor, and minister to the elderly, the widows and orphans and people of all ages and in all walks of life. Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 1:16-17.

With the prayers and support of our friends and partners we can present a creative and relevant message of Jesus Christ and his love for people. We develop and train evangelists, ministers and missionaries to carry and teach the word of God to Christians and non-Christians, spreading the good news about how to enjoy every day life by applying biblical principals in all they do. John 10:10.


Our goal is to reach every soul, every community and every tribe in the nations and to plant churches in every place with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


My name is Missionary Pastor SIMON AMBUKA ANDALE I am 29 years old and the first born in my family. My younger sister and I were raised by our mother who was a single parent. Our mother passed away in May 2013 and I now look after my younger sister. I went to school through to high school although I did not manage to finish high school due to our financial status problem. I hope you know and understand the life of a single parent.

I am married and my wife helps me with my ministerial calling. We are blessed with a child.

I began working as an evangelist to schools. I did street preaching and ministered with church outreaches. I volunteered in charitable organisations and in the community, where I helped missions and churches to provide education and food for people’s futures to be brighter but I was unable to continue due to financial constraints. In 2012 I realised I had a calling in my heart for the Lord’s ministry. I began following my calling to reach the unreachable people, communities and tribes and I gave the ministry the name MISSION for TRIBES and NATIONS IN KENYA (MFTN KENYA).

I have never attended a school of theology but I work through God’s Holy Spirit’s control and this is a true and full calling that I dedicate my life to as a full time minister in service to the Lord. My call is to reach every community background with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to help and support them spiritually, emotionally and physically and to plant churches for the Lord.

God has placed a burden to plant a church that would serve the surrounding villages in an area where only 2% of people are Christians. I have began the structure and I am praying for other materials like iron sheets, doors, windows and chairs among other things. My calling came from Isaiah 61: 1-4, Mark 16: 15-18