Inspirational Poetry

Dunta Dotson

The following works were written by Dunta Dotson All Rights Reserved

Strength of Prayer

Powerful evolvling fra a weekenss and not having the courage to go on.
Strength of a prayer is knowing God is there.
Whether you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.
A prayer, a prayer an deliver you from stressful thoughts and actions.
But, having the strength to even call up prayer is rejoyceful.
Prayer is communicating with the creator of your entire being.
Speakingon evertyhing from your fears, hopes, dreams, wants and needs.
Relief from distress, chaos and confusion.
In the moment of prayer is the best for of the meditationelevating on another level where you can be heard by the most important person – God!

Blessings Are Everywhere

Look up, look down it’s all around ( blessings)
I can not complain there is no need especially knwoing God planted a great seed.
Life is beautiful and a blessing so I take one day at a time, that is the lesson.
Smiling because I see blessings are everywhere
Sometimes I stop and just stare
I could be down and depressed yet why waste time when Im really blessed
Living my life and looking at it from the memories to moments, no one can clone it.
You can stare BUT I know God cares, just know one thing………..
“Blessings are Eveerywhere”


The following works were written by Julia All Rights Reserved

Take Up Thy Cross

I saw before me an old and weather-beaten cross with stairs of crimson red.

“Take it up and follow me,” a gentle voice said.

I thought, “How could I carry it?” It was much too heavy for me. But the gentle voice said, “Lift it. You can do it. You will see.”

As I struggled with my burden, there by me stood a stranger I did not know. He said, “Here, I will help you” and He took upon His back my load. I wondered as I watched Him, “Who could he be?
Why was He willing to do this for me?” Then with a tender smile He said, “Don’t worry my child! It is not heavy. I’ve carried it before, you see.”

Tears filled my eyes as I watched him with nail-scarred hands carry my burden.

Then I could so plainly see. This stranger with the gentle voice was my precious Lord!

The crimson stain upon the cross was His blood He shed upon the cross as he died for you and me!

Child’s Smile

Quick like a flash it comes!

Bright like the sun on a drop of dew.

White as the loveliness of pearls.

Shines through the love of the soul:

A child’s smile!

Hurrying Home

The sun was bright on the tousled heads as they skipped merrily down a country lane. Hands clasped in friendship.

Their voices filled a summer’s day with the happiness of youth.

Little bare feet made puffs of dust as they hurried along.

Yes, carefree ones making a summer’s day even brighter with the joyful sounds of the young.

Stopping to watch tiny ants getting food for another day.

Then with faces bright with happiness, carefree souls continued on their way. With their heavenly father watching over them, precious children hurried home.

Jesus is His Name

How I wanted to learn about Him.
But I knew not where to start.
So I ask this wonderful Jesus to come live within my heart!

He took my empty life and filled it with a joy beyond compare.
This Jesus my mama told me about. Yes, when I needed Him I found He was always there!

So, won’t you let me tell you about his man?
Jesus is His name.
Let him come live with you in your heart.
He will fill your life with a beautiful joy and peace that only those that love Him can know.

Oh! I am so happy Mama told me about this man called Jesus so many years ago!

My Prayer

My lord as I watch others search for a meaning to live.
As I watch them struggle with their failures
As I feel resentment enter my heart, because I feel they cannot see the way life really is.
My Lord can it be that my eyes are blind to the truths?
Is it that I, too, cannot see that things within my life may not be as you would have them to be?
So I pray Precious Lord, let me realize that I, too, may be wrong.
Open my eyes and fill my heart with thy love so, that I might see the truths that are ever before me.
Let me see the good in others and not always their faults.
That we may work together to finish the tasks you have given us to do.
Remembering always, my Lord, that in everything we go to do to further Thy kingdom here on Earth, we must forget self.
Always praying for Thy love to fill our hearts and let us see the way you would have it to be – Thy will be done!

If I Had Been With You My Lord

If I could have walked with you my Lord,
As did the twelve you chose.
If I could have heard you laugh, or listened to the wonderful stories you told.

If I could have seen you heal the lame,
Or make the blind to see.
To have been there in the tiny boat,
When you calmed the raging sea.

If I had been with you when you fed the multitude,
With two small fish and just two loaves of bread.
Or stood at the tomb of Lazarus,
When you raised him from the dead.

When you walked over the hills and the countryside,
Or by the Sea of Galilee.
To have sat with the twelve,
When you taught them of love and how beautiful heaven would be.

Had I been in the garden of Gethsemane,
When in such terrible agony you prayed.
Would I in my human weakness like the disciples have been asleep?
Or would I in my love for you have been able the watch to keep?

Had I been on the hill of Golgotha when the terrible sounds of nails pierced such in one’s flesh.
Would I have stayed at your side?
Or would I in fear for my own life have found a place to hide?

Precious Jesus, I can only wonder if I had been there,
Would I have stood to the test?
Or would I in my lack of faith fail you like the rest?

But I know it matters not if I was there,
Because when I gave you my life and you took my trembling hand,
All my fears and doubts were wiped away.
Precious Jesus, that’s when my life truly began.

Sharon K. Dalton

The following works where written by Sharon K. Dalton © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Doing Time (Prison)

As I sit in boredom and loneliness behind these bars of shame…
I wonder does anyone think of me. Do they ever speak my name?
Does anyone remember me and the good things I have done.
Or will they remember the mistakes I’ve made and forget I’m a brother and a son.
I pray the days pass quickly here because there’s nothing much to do,
But sit and think of my future and past wishing all my dreams could come true.
Is there one out there who loves me even though I am in jail?
The walls feel as if they are closing in inside this small, lonesome cell.
Please don’t forget I’m human and not perfect in many ways.
But I will prove that I’ll succeed when I am freed one day.
Don’t give up hope in me, my friend, through times and troubles shared.
You stood beside me all the way and I know now that you cared.

New Beginnings (Prison)

I’m counting down the minutes. My time close to an end.
I’ll gather what few things I have, And said goodbye to all my friends.
Such happiness I feel this day when boredom’s taste and smell,
Are left behind inside that small confined jail cell.
My body feels excited, my steps are quick and sure.
A new life is out there waiting. My thoughts are clean and pure.
I’m going to change my life now. No more breaking of the laws.
No drinking, doing drugs, or other things that may make me fall.
Because my time is served and I deserve a second chance.
No more cussing, fighting or stealing, maybe find a new romance.
Someone whom I can count on. She’ll lead me in the right direction.
I ask you Lord with all my might, lend me some of your protection.
I know that I’ll be tempted. With the Devil, he’s never still.
But with your help, My Father, I’ll have great power and will.
I’ll do my best to show the world that I’m a new and changed man.
You hold the key to my future God, in the palm of Your hand.

God’s Gentle Touch

Heal me, Oh Lord, if I may be so bold to ask…So that when you cast your eyes down on me,
You will be pleased with what you see.
Reach down from heaven and touch my scars with healing hands so that my pain may fade away forever.
Squeeze my heart in your hand. Replace my distrust of others and selfish ways with the desire to love my neighbor.
Blow a kiss of sweetness into my lungs so that ever word that leaves my lips is beautiful and kind.
Clear my mind of evil thoughts and memories. Fill it instead with things that are clean and pure, of goodness.
Revive my tired and aching body. Replace my fatigue with endless energy and a willingness to do good for others.
Revive my soul and help me to rejoice in each new day. I pray these things in hopes that you would make me WHOLE again!

Do I Know You?

We may never meet face to face and my words might be in vain,
But I felt the need to take this time to speak of others pain.
If things are going well for you and you have reached a peak.
Would you take the time to help the poor, hungry, and the weak.
The single girl across the road who’s kids aren’t clean, their house a mess.
When left with hungry mouths to feed may be struggling to do her very best.
The dirty old man digging in the trash, people look away in shame.
He’s been there for a month or more, does anybody know his name?
And what about the young and old who are living in the streets!
The neglected, abused or those who come from a home where they’ve been beat.
Reach out your hand and help someone, they’re our sisters and our brothers.
God bless.

A Mother’s Love

What can I do little ones, to ease your pain?
The trials of divorce, you feel there’s nothing to gain.
You feel like you’ve lost one you hold near and dear.
But remember my children, I will always be here.
To go through the troubles, the hard times and fears…
To kiss you and hug you, to wipe away your tears.
I will nurture you and love you, teaching you right from wrong.
And I will help you to be independent and strong.
With GOD as our guide, He will show us the way!
He will make a brighter tomorrow and a happier today.

My Head Is Reeling

Things are happening to me so fast,
All my senses are reeling,
I don’t know exactly what to do,
With all the emotions I’m feeling.

I asked you, Lord, to bless me,
To help me spread your love.
Now things are happening abundantly,
It’s all sent from up above.

I wanted to tell the world,
Everything you’ve done for me,
Through trials and life’s struggles,
I was saved, you set me free.

You fed me when I was hungry,
Paid the bills when I was broke,
When I was thirsty for knowledge,
You love kept me afloat.

What can I do to repay You,
For all the kindness I receive?
All I can do is give my testimony,
And help others to believe.

Thank you Jesus,
For shining your love down on me,
You paid all my sin debt,
Your love set me free.

Place your nail scared hand,
Reaching out you will find
That life is so incredible,
Yes, place your hand in mine.

I love you Lord, Jesus,
There’s so many ways,
Please forgive me my Precious,
For my sin filled days.

I will cherish you and love you,
Lay my life on the line,
Just to spend a few moments,
Your love is divine.

My Mother’s Love

My mother has a thoughtful soul.
She’s always been my friend.
She’s help me with my illnesses
When my life felt at an end.
She was my crutch when I couldn’t walk,
My sight when I couldn’t see.
She said she was so proud and loved,
The person I could be.
She never gave up on me
When I was down so low.
My depression reared its ugly head,
But mom’s love set my light aglow.
She knew I missed my children,
While we were separated.
She’d ride with me to pickup them up.
It was hard while we patiently waited.
Then my girls would run to me with smiles
That helped brighten up my days.
We’d try to visit family and friends,
Watch T.V. and we’d play.
I made it through some bad times,
My heartfelt always broken.
I felt much better when I listened to
The words my mom had spoken.
Love them when you have them,
Love them when their gone,
Love them when they’re with their dad,
Give them a happy home.
Treat them kind and with respect,
Give them a chance to breath.
They will be grown soon enough,
Then they will have to leave.
They’ll get married one day,
or go away to college.
But they’ll remember you always because
You gave them so much knowledge.
They will remember you always,
Even though they’ll care for others.
Nothing can replace the love
That’s given by their mother.

Flower Garden

The dew drops are fresh and clean after the night fog.
Slowly lingering for a brief instant before hitting the ground below.
Nurturing, soaking up the sun as it rises over the mountain,
The flowers open up and drink in the rays and moisture making them to grow.
Beautiful is the blossom as it sways in the gentle, loving breeze.
Scents fill my senses as I breath in the fresh air, cool and tangy with aroma.
God you are so wonderful and I am truly blessed.
Thank you for nature, so pure and magnificent.
It revives our soul and brings hearts pure joy.

He Beat Me

Lord why does he hit me? He promised to love me so.
It only took a little time for his bad temper to show.

Why does he squeeze my hand tight and try to cause me pain?
I have to walk on egg shells while he calls me bad names.

We married for a lifetime, but I didn’t know I’d be,
Hurt each day by the one I loved. Won’t you please set me free.

He has too much anger inside, while pretending to be nice.
How can I hide my bruises, this time he’s hit me twice.

He says that I’m the problem. I don’t do things just right.
And if I try to defend myself it only starts a fight.

Why am I in this situation? He promised to love and keep me safe.
Now cursing and confusion are what has taken place.

I know you’ll understand, Lord, as I pack my bags and leave.
I can’t take the pain any more, my heart he did deceive.

I have to go to a shelter where battered women stay.
They promised to protect me, each and every day.

I will learn how to protect myself in different situations.
While he begs me please come home and they’ll be no altercations.

But I can’t go back! I promised myself that I won’t be beaten.
When he wasn’t home, I found out he had been out cheating.

I’m sure that God’s forgiveness will surely come my way.
If I can just survive this life for just another day.

His Poison, My Pain

God I’m not being judgmental,
Honestly, I’m not.
But I can’t take it anymore,
The drinking, drugs or pot.

He doesn’t see the pain he’s caused,
With each drink that he takes.
The fusses, fights, the feuding,
More problems does it make.

He thinks his parties fun now,
While his body is becoming weak.
I tell him won’t you please stop.
Sometimes we hardly speak.

He’s promised many, many times,
He won’t drink anymore.
Until we’re out and then he pleads,
Won’t you take me to the store.

All this causes problems,
Between my friend and me.
Please help him to stop this habit.
I pray please hear my plea.

When he isn’t drinking
He treats me very kind.
Otherwise, he treats me bad,
Cruel words stay on my mind.

He has to move out quickly, Lord.
I can’t take anymore of this danger.
Because his personality changes,
Sometimes he’s like a stranger.

God heal this man from his addictions.
Change his ways and change his heart.
Show him that we still love him,
Give him a brand new start.

Sinner’s Plea

Jesus walked with the sinner’s just like you and me. He healed the lame that they could walk and made the blind to see. He taught and preached salvation so we might understand. The Lord asked us to accept Him while reaching out his nail scared hand. Yes, Jesus walked on the water and calmed the raging ocean. The slapping waves the disciples feared before He stilled the motion.
People cried out to Jesus as He walked the dusty roads. They plead for Him to heal them before
grabbing at his robe. He turned and touched them lovingly and with gentle words he said…You’re
faith in Me has healed you! Sometimes he raised the dead. Yes, My Jesus is so awesome. He waits to
hear your call. He will change your life completely. He will give to you His all. Please pray to God
this simple prayer… Jesus forgive me for my sins. I want You to live inside my heart today. Be my
comforter and friend.

Breaking Free

The years drug by and you didn’t know that you deserved so much more.
You had settled for less and became use to it. The pain, the abuse, and bad circumstances.
The drinking, drugs, and addictions controlled you. The lies, low self esteem and feelings
of being unloved were the norm. You didn’t know what you were missing until you
accepted Jesus into your heart and God opened your eyes. Your beautiful magnetic
personality draws people to you! You’ve hated your body and soul for so long. You’ve
forgotten how attractive you look to a stranger. God gave you the strength to fight and
win many battles, coming out the WINNER. You are a loving and kind person and I
feel He will continue to bless you. When the prayers and praises go up, the blessings
come down. I wish you all the love and joy that life has to offer. You’ve been clean
from you DOC for many months now and appear to be happy and strong! God
changed your life and you are delivered. Keep pushing forward. Don’t forget about
the mistakes made along the way… Learn from them. In the end you have nowhere to
go but up, up, up… OUT OF SIGHT through God’s power and might.
Love and friendship to you my friend.
God bless you.

Release From Prison

My release day is coming, where will I go from here…
I’ve studied hard in prison, being locked up many years.
They tried to teach us how to start over and survive.
Looking at my past, I’m feeling blessed to be alive.
The dangers of dealing drugs and using was too much.
Now what I need is God’s cleansing, loving touch.
He’s forgiven me for past mistakes and I did my time.
Punished for partying, selling drugs and for my life of crime.
Beginning anew, where to start because life will be tough.
But I have the renewing strength, and God’s help will be enough.
He will help me conquer the struggles of daily life.
And help me forgive those people who stuck me like a knife.
They said they were my friends, but left me with all the blame.
Facing time behind bars, my emotions are sorely shamed.
Turning your back on me left so many scars.
So no more hanging out with you, drinking, drugs or bars.
I’m living my new life pleasing in God’s sight.
So I can rest easy when I lay down at night.
No more looking over my shoulder to see who might come.
I’m putting my trust in the Holy Spirit, The Father, and The Son.

All That I have Is Yours

by Vondecia Simmons Precious Jewels

Jesus speaking…All that I have is yours. I have made provision for you, given you houses, given you land as much sand that’s on the seashores. I am your Source, your Provider, your King…I’ve given you the keys to My kingdom, I’ve given you everything. I have no hidden agendas, all that is Mine I freely give. I provide for you and supply all of your needs. I am the One who daily loads you… with benefits, you are prosperous indeed. In My Father’s house are many mansions, if it wasn’t so I wouldn’t tell you this. You asked me to forgive you, on the cross I became sin and it was dealt with so I already did. I have poured My love In your hearts to fill your very being..yes I am all-knowing and all things I have seen. My precious people I need you to understand that there is no lack In Me. I am wealthy, I am whole, as I am so are you. The words that I’m speaking are life and they are truth. The words that I’m speaking their alive and can empower you. My precious people, you are complete In Me. If I had it, still have it, and gave it to you…your life should be pleasant and fulfilling. I truly love you! I give In abundance, I bless you willingly. I have given you life,peace, and prosperity. I did it all In love, it’s not In vain. I did it In sincerity. In my Presence there are pleasures forevermore, I do not change!!! I’m not a man that I should lie, ofcourse I care about you. For you I laid down My life, even after that I still express My love for you. I know you make mistakes but it’s okay, I still love you. In Me I see you as perfect, I know who you are. You’ve been reconciled to your Father, never again will you be apart. Listen precious people, you are very dear to Me, don’t turn your back to Me or close your ears to My voice. Just come to Me and hear Me. I’m not mad, I don’t hate you but I’m waiting for you. I’m your first love. Trust that I love you and place nothing above Me. I make you complete, In Me you’ll find strength. All you have need of you’ll find it In Me. I have given you grace for every mistake. Instead of you suffering, I expressed the Father’s compassion for you and I took your place. Don’t live In fear, depression, or rejection. I went before you and made a way of escape. In Me there is love, rest, healing, and protection. You are not a stranger to Me because you accepted Me, you rejected the enemy, you have been accepted In the Beloved, you belong to Me. No one is able to snatch you out of My hands, understand how much I love you, I’m not just any ordinary man.

Disease of Broken Promises

Written By Debbie Jones © 2011 All Rights Reserved

Do not make a promise if you cannot follow through!
This Disease of broken promises affects both me and you.
Endevour never to speak empty words; think of what we are about to say.
People need assurance s that we are real come what may.

Promise me this and promise me that, do you give me reasons to believe?
Or rather are you a player who thrives to hurt and deceive?
I promise I am not a deceiver, my trust in God I truly believe.
Never will I be a player for my heart leads me never to deceive.

When we keep our promises time and time again.
We are showing those whom we touch in life we are worthy women and men.
If our promises made cannot be kept but our hearts are true
Give the reason; let it be known; it’s the respectful thing to do!

Imagine only if you will this world in which we live
As we attempt to keep our promises, love and learn to forgive.
When we demolish this disease of broken promises,
Showing other that who you see is who you be
We ensure that this world we share with others is right in reality.


Written By Debbie Jones © 2011 All Rights Reserved

My darling children do not cry.
I know you can’t help but question why
Did we do wrong, are we so ad
Are we the reasons mom and dad are sad.

Smile instead, we love you so
Your dad and I let our love for each other go.
We made mistakes we lost our way.
You, our children, we will love till our dying days.

That isn’t easy for you to understand.
Just please remember if you can
That you are special and whatever you do.
Your parent’s possess unconditional love for you.

Yes our family us torn apart.
Still we feel within our hearts
Our blessings for having our children, you
And we want your hopes and dreams to come true.

Dad and I will always be united in our abiding love
For you our children granted us by God above.
Remember always and hold within your hearts
The truth in our love for you shall not depart.

Growing Up

Written by Michelle Forsyth © 2011 All Rights Reserved

Growing up for me was not easy
Every day at school kids would tease me
And after school every night
I came home to some kind of fight
My whole childhood was filled with pain
I felt lost, cold, left out in the rain
As a young adult with responsibility
I failed to live my life with dignity
All the bad things that filled me with grief
Were at the expense of others was my belief
And as I got older and a bit more mature
I started learning the reasons
for what I had to endure
The Lord who saved me
Came to me one day
And said Child get on your knees and pray
He said I know your heart feels full of glass
But it is my solemn promise
This too shall pass
And all that has been done to hurt you
Has taught you the meaning of virtue
Every time you fall or stumble
It is me reminding you to be humble
You have been through trouble and strife
But I do have a plan for your life
Be patient with me and you will see
What wonders I have in store for thee
The pain and the anger you nurse deep inside
Let them go and swallow your pride
Forgive and forget the ones who
Have hurt you somehow
They’re my enemies too,
I’ll get them I vow
Always be patient, loving, kind, and giving
This is what I wanted when I created the living
Never turn anyone away, not brother,
stranger, or friend
Because it could be me you do not tend
Do all of these things and one day
You will see
A life filled with peace and harmony
It may not be on Earth that
You will be free
But you will be in Heaven
forever joyfully..

Spiritually Said

The following works where written by Debbie Jones © 2004 All Rights Reserved


When life’s occurrences seem more than you can bear,
Know my troubled child that I am always there.
No matter what the challenge, you will see it through.
Why? Remember the intelligence that I have given you.
Certainly, the outcome may not be what you had planned.
Yes, it is alright to question; still, beware that you do not let your thoughts get out of hand.
Take the time to mellow; seek solace in a manner that is pleasing to unto me.
Possibly, all you need do is pray, believing on your bended knees.
You know that i am here to listen; you aren’t alone in your plights.
Keep your faith and trust in my my child, rest assured that all will be alright.

Christian Beware

Beware and always mindful of what you say and do.
Endeavor to keep tucked in your mind that, God is watching and listening to you.
God, is your loving creator who desires possession of our souls,
Through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, provides salvation taught, since days of old.
In a sinful world are we born; through Christ Jesus did God grant us eternity with him.
Beware, even in thoughts that you do not sin; only through Christ over Satan do we win.
Moreover, in diligent prayer and keeping in God’s Holy word do we ensure that the life we live, though sinful at times, praise God for his promise to forgive.
Only with true acceptance in faith can we walk the talk.
As we train ourselves to listen and obey the holy spirit will others see our righteous walk.
Yes, through jesus you know to be obedient, faithful, humble, and true.
When we glorify God to others, being Christ like in what we say…
We show discipline of faith to our Savior until our dying days.
God is the supreme giver; in love for us he gave the life of his only Son.
In Jesus our redeemer do we know our soul has God truly won.
Hallelujah, praise Jesus when we take heed; and abide in the Holy Spirit do others know that we trust and believe.


Daddy your in heaven now oh we miss you so.
We know your with our Lord and Savior,
Yet, somehow we cannot let you go.
So many times we’ve had regrets
For things we’ve said and done.
But this time during your trials in death…
Regrets we have not none.
Sweet dad we’ve been here for you.
You know we’ve done the best we could.
And daddy we know God’s words are true.
In God we place our trust as well we should.
Now daddy you know it’s not easy.
As nothing in this old world is.
But with God above and memories of your sweet love.
In us, your children, you will always live.


Where are the the beautiful smiles that Americans did show?
Gone are many “friendly waves passed” when on our ways we do go.
And oh how we miss our neighborly helping hands.
That were most times extended, throughout our homeland.
During Americans’ trials and adversities what we truly should do.
Is work together, united to see these bad times through.
I propose all Americans put back on our friendly smiles,
Take time to wave and all the while, lend a helping hand when can and do,
Realize that only when we work together will our hopes and dreams come true.
So, please, Americans’ vote, elect the one who upholds truths and not life’s wrongs.
Consider together the best candidate who will endeavor to make all Americans strong.


Mothers are teachers; a teacher you are.
Mothers are protectors you’ve protected me near and far.
Mothers are friends; mom a friend you’ve always been
Mothers are counselors beyond compare.
When I’ve needed advise you were always there.
Mothers are many things all rolled into one.
At this time I’d like to say, you’re the best mom.

A Mother’s Prayer

Lord let my family see you in me.
Within my words and throughout my deeds.
Help me emit your presence especially in my children’s sight.
Enable me to fill hearts and minds with your guiding light.
And Lord when we stumble undeserving of your holy grace.
let us know your forgiveness taught, so someday we can look you in the face.
Also realizing we must endeavor to be true to ourselves and you.
Letting others see Jesus in all we say and do.
Sure, our “little children” are easier to raise.
As the children grow older we rely more on Jesus to get us through the trying days.
Moms must diligently seek strength in prayer and our undying love.
Encourage and strengthen families focused toward our Lord above.

The Face of Death

We sit and watch you suffer, knowing that you won’t get well
Realizing each of us that life on earth for is hell.
To see your body dwindling is almost more than we can bear.
Yet knowing you need us with you in this world and that we care.
Oh dad the seizures you endure play havoc on your heart of this we’re sure.
We feared that you would die last night; but then the timing was not right.
Sure we took our turns at crying; how could we not with our daddy dying.
You’ve been here for us it’s so; how do we sweet daddy let you go?
Even though you will be in heaven with mom…this cannot not help us all to calm.
For we’ve been through this before.
Just know sweet dad we will love you forever more.

Our Troops

We yearn for our American troops to be back home where you belong.
You are so very far away!
Our troops who defend another country strong, we pray for the day that you return home to stay.
Know that we hold you in our hearts near; indeed, we share your pain and feel your fear.
We are ever watching and listening for news of you.
Us at home stay aware; our supports remains forever true.
Countless fight and die in that foreign land.
Last breaths are breathed as our troops make their stand.
Our hopes and prayers are always with you there.
Know, through the vast distance we love you and care.
Yes, we are waiting for your return home.
Though you are far away, we are with you in spirit, you are never alone.
As you fight and defend, realize that our faith in you always remains true.
Finally, when you return home we will be supportive; and do whatever we must do,
to ensure your happiness because we owe our freedom to you and you and you…

My Memories

I owe you more than I can give,
In the length of time we’ve yet to live.
I must accept that you won’t be there,
for me to show how much I care.
Just know that you mean the world to me
For i will always have my memories.

Memories of you throughout my life.
Memories of you turning my errors right.
Letting me know that your love is true.
And assuring your forgiveness what err I do.
Helping make my sad times glad.
Seeing me through both good and bad.
For I will always have my memories.

I know you give to me your all.
Every winter, summer, spring, and fall.
For me your strength has always been there.
You have always shown how much you truly care.
I know I mean the world to you.
Forever in me will be part of you.
For I’ll always have my memories.

Life’s events are rough at times.
Yet I’m glad these memories are mine.
Forever I will hold them dear, even though you won’t be near.
Yes, I will cherish you in my hearth.
We will never be too far apart.
For I’ll always have my memories.

Untitled Lyrics

Do you accumulate material possessions on your earthly walk?
Are you know to others as one with a boastful talk?
Do you know of the spiritual possessions God has given you?
Praise God is your soul heavenward bound; does Christ live within you.

Thank you Lord, precious Lord, for loving me.
Thank you Christ Jesus for setting me free.
Free from the bondage Satan held.
Now I’m assured that heaven is where my soul shall dwell.

We entered this world with nothing, with nothing we too shall go.
To be boastful is not of Jesus; the Bible tells us so.
God’s precious gift to us in jesus the holy spirit dwells in faith.
This is the only way to heaven that sinners must embrace.

Though all are born in sin, God in his grace does show the way.
We’re challenged to live in humility till our dying day.
Hallelujah and praise Jesus as we listen to our inner thought,
The holy spirit paves the way in all Christ Jesus taught.