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Good Morning Lord

by Jennifer Shaffner © 2011

Good Morning Lord
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Mowing Worship

by Travis Melton http://breakthroughthewall.webs.com

This morning I began mowing my yard for the first time in 2011, it was somewhat chilly but they were calling for rain this afternoon and over the weekend so I figured I might as well get it done. I also llisten to my MP3 player while doing this because it is a four hour job to mow both mine and my dads and I like listening to Christian Rock. I’m not sure why but about an hour into mowing the same song repeated itself three times back to back and by the third time I was deep in worship with my God. The song was called ‘Ascend’ by the Christian Metal-Core band ‘ THE FAMINE’. To be honest, when it started playing over the second time I was annoyed but then the lyrics hit me hard and I realized that God was trying to speak to me through it, this was confirmed by the third verse…by the time it was over I had a new understanding of what ‘relying on God’ is about. I decided to post up the lyrics to share with all of you:


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I tried to make it on my own
That time was wasted
My mindand evil has grown
I had to face it
Deliver me from this pain
Without You I have failed
Make me whole again

It’s been so long since I’ve said Your name
I will return to You, run to Your embrace
I will take shelter in Your wings
To soar above it and set me free
I wan to drown in the floods of forgiveness
Pouring fire  to my soul
My lungs are filled breathing in healing waters
Oh Lord tear it down, let it flow

From the valley of the dead I must ascend
Take it all away unitl there’s nothing left
Remember things You said
Give me hope oh Lord
Make me whole again

I believe everyone of the faith have felt this way at one time or another, so lost in our own fleshy desires that we feel we have fallen so far that God cannot help us. The reality is always simple, God will always be there, we must first admit we have fallen and ask God to help us ascend again into Glory!