Testimonial Stories

Natasha Ballard

The Following By Natasha Ballard, All Rights Reserved

First I would like to say thank you to Jill and Keith as they came into my life through work as they were opening a store in the Shelby area and were staying at the hotel i work at and were willing to listen when i just needed to talk to someone even though I didn’t realize that’s what i needed………In September 2003 I became involved with a man that later became severely abusive mentally, physically and emotionally. By June of 2004 I found out I was pregnant with my first child and the man I “loved” was severely addicted to pain medications due to an injury that he sustained. By the time I had our son in January 2005 I was supporting my boyfriend financially with a minimum wage job. He and I had separated multiple times and he asked me to give it another chance for our son to have his mom and dad with him daily I reluctantly agreed to give it another chance he however did not change and continued down the same path of addiction. I had another son in October of 2006 and my boyfriend was at the hospital when I gave birth to both of my children and took all of my pain medication that was given to me in the hospital and at home after the birth. At the hospital with my youngest son he took a diabetic needle and drew out some of the medication in my epidural line and proceeded to go to the bathroom to inject himself with it to provide some withdrawl relief from not having any medications. On valentines day of 2007 I was at work and I received a phone call from the department of social services and they proceeded to tell me that they were at my house and could hear my son crying but couldn’t get anyone to the door they believed he was left home alone I left work and began the walk home to find two uniformed officers and two DSS workers at my house they found me negligent for leaving my children home with their dad while he was withdrawing from pain medications (he was trying to get help to get off of them) they made me place my children in kinship care of my aunt and I had to get their dad to a rehab so I lost my kids and the man I loved in one day. I began a downward spiral of drugs and became addicted to crack cocaine in January 2008 I turned myself in on a warrant I had for my arrest for taking fentanyl patches from my boyfriends uncle I was charged with felony larceny of medication, I wanted to change. I went in to jail and 2 months of being in jail my mother brought my youngest son to visit me and I had to see him take his first steps (first ones I was able to see) from behind a glass with him trying to figure out why he couldn’t touch me and hug me this broke my heart and when I went back to my cell I cried myself to sleep and made the promise to God, my kids and myself that I would never allow anything or anyone to come between my kids and myself my boyfriend and I had finally separated and I had no intention of ever being with him again the day I was released from jail I went and picked my kids up with only the clothes on their backs and a bottle and 2 diapers for my youngest and never looked back or questioned what I was doing, and went to dss and was given full custody of both of my children. In the years since I have been able to regain a place in society even with the Felon label on me I have held down a full time job and provided for my kids every day and I don’t regret it one bit sometimes it takes you hitting rock bottom to bring yourself back up and I feel that going to jail was the best thing that could have ever happened to me as it gave me the time to think about what I needed to do to not end up in there ever again. I was released June 2008 and I have had my kids with me everyday since then and couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. I am now married to a wonderful man that is daddy to both of my kids (their dad is still addicted to pain medications and has not seen the kids since 2011) and has plans to adopt them as his own legally, I am in management of a hotel chain, and I couldn’t disagree more with the people that say that going through drug addiction and being a felon and going through abuse will hold you down because it can only hold you down if you allow it to and I am proof that you don’t have to lay down and take what the world throws at you. You must be the change that you want to see happen in the world. If you want to make something of yourself don’t give up, no matter how many times you are told no in life just know there is someone out there that will give you the chance you are looking for if you don’t give up. I was told “No” 5,000 times before I found the person to say yes I will give you a chance so don’t give up there is always hope if you just believe in God and pray and want the opportunity to prove to the world that everyone is not alike you can change with time and guidance.
Rock bottom is the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life and will never allow myself to be brought back to the bottom again, I have been there and climbed my way out again and will only go up from here!!

Leslie Brandle

The Following By Leslie Brandle, All Rights Reserved

To parents who have lost their children to DSS, through the court system, or because the other parent won’t allow you to be in their lives: this has now became a major part of my testimony. It has also became one of the biggest steps in my faith and my walk with God. Most of you know my story, but for those who don’t here it goes.
On November 16, 2016 my girls dad got emergency custody of our girls, Georgia and Kahleesi. I was given visitation with the girls. I was jobless, homeless and staying from place to place, and I was on drugs. On January 3, 2017 the court ordered me to take a drug test and I failed. My visits were then stopped until the case was taken back to court. From January 3, 2017 until April 21, 2017 I spent a couple nights in jail for missing court and then I was sat down in the county jail for 35 days. I was pregnant. This is the longest time I’d ever spent in jail and until December 2016 I had never been to jail. I had already been clean for a few months before I had to do the 35 days. Even though I was clean I still was lost. One week into the 35 days Kriss Landry came into the jail and did her weekly women’s ministry. It was March 23, 2017. That was the day I got saved and my life has changed since. My heart was convicted of my sins and God started immediately changing me from within those walls. I came out on April 21, 2017. Been clean almost 4 months. I was placed on 12 months supervised probation, which I completed successfully and was terminated in 9 months. I had a home but not job. I walked to put in apps and got a job on June 21, 2017. I am still employed at this place. By August 2017 I bought a car. In October my son was born. This entire time I had not seen or got to speak to the girls. On November 7, 2017, after filling paperwork without an attorney a custody order was put in place that gave me 3 weekends a month with the girls. Almost a year after all this started. I kept going to better myself and rebuild a life for my oldest children, Ayden and Logan, and then for Kelvyn. Even though my heart was broke from the girls not being in our life God gave me strength to stay clean and stay on the right path. In January 2018 I took another hit from the girls dad. False allegations were made and once again I couldn’t have the girls. He was granted an ex parte out of Mecklenburg County that superseded the custody order we had just gotten a few months before. It was ordered I got one hour a week supervised visits with the girls in Charlotte. This was ordered on February 9, 2018. Those visits didn’t actually get started until April 21, 2018. For weeks I drove to Charlotte for those one hour visits. I had to leave my sons behind in order to do the visits. During all this I also obtained a second job which I am also still employed at. Every other week I worked third shift and still made the visits except the last two. We had a death in the family and the other one well I was just tired. Once again, I filed paperwork without an attorney to have the custody modified. The court date was June 7, 2018. I was also arrested that day because the girls dad said I was harrassing him on the courthouse steps. I missed work that night and bonded out the next morning, then returned to work that night. The next custody court date was June 25, 2018. I was contacted by the girls dad a week before this court date “to make a deal”. The deal was for me to get the girls for the summer and then when school started back for us to return to the every other weekend schedule which I agreed to. We went to court on June 25th and was ordered for mediation so that the mediator could draw up this agreement. However, mediation wasn’t until August 1, 2018 and the next custody court date was August 2, 2018. The girls dad went ahead and made arrangements and I had the girls from July 3-July 30. The best summer my children and I have had in a long time. On the date of mediation he then changed his mind again and decided he didn’t want to work out an agreement with me. Even though he just allowed them to be with me for the month of July. On August 2, 2018 I was then given 8 hours a month of supervised visitation with the girls. This is to be supervised by my Aunt who graciously volunteered and testified on my behalf at the custody hearing. I am unable to do these visits so far because of my work schedule. I have asked that one of my days be switched so that I can do these visits but it hasn’t been.
With all this said this is the purpose of this testimony regarding my children. I have been blessed with three beautiful sons that I have in my home. God has blessed me with two jobs that I love. God has blessed me with a closeness with my family. This whole time I have spent so much time trying to prove myself to the courts and to the girls dad that I am fit to be in these girls lives and that these girls are safe with me and that they have so many people that love them and will do for them. It may seem that I have failed at accomplishing this, but my faith and walk with God has continued to grow. God has spoken to me and told me to be still, know that He is God and that He is the one who will reunite me with the girls. It won’t be on anyone’s terms and it certainly will not have to be supervised. He has told me that He will move that mountain for me and I am to continue on the path He has set forth for me. Therefore, I haven’t failed. Do I have moments of sadness, yes, but only brief ones. He gives me all I need to fill that void and even though the girls are a huge void He fills it daily! I don’t need drugs, I am not depressed, I am not lonely, and I no longer feel like I have to keep fighting this battle. This is His battle that He is fighting for me and has already won! To some that may seem impossible for you to be able to do…..succeed and have a good life despite a chunk being gone from your heart but I am here to tell you IT IS POSSIBLE BUT ONLY WITH GOD! If anyone is going through a similar situation and would like me to pray with you or help you in winning your battle with your children through faith in God, please contact me. Know that even if you don’t reach out that I know many of you who are going through this and as I pray for my situation daily I am also praying for you!

Sharon Kaye Dalton

The Following By Sharon Kaye Dalton, All Rights Reserved


I know you get discouraged because life’s a struggle and seems like an all consuming fight, but don’t give up, keep trying to win your battles daily through God’s power and His might.
When you think of giving up, remember to encourage and love yourself. Because sometimes we feel all alone and think we have nobody else.
But God is always waiting for our sincere prayers and joyful praise. He sent Jesus to give us peace and comfort when we have those troubled days.
He can put joy in our hearts and gives us the strength we need, plus more. Opening up doors or us to enter, amazed at the good things He has in store.
I put my faith and trust in Him for He’s the answer to my prayers. I don’t have to worry for anything because God always knows and cares.
So cast your burdens and worries on the Lord for He’s conquered sin and the grave. The is nothing that Jesus can’t handle for us if we’re His child and saved.
The lashes, torture, struggling to drag that heavy cross with the thorned crown upon His head.… should remind us that He died but rose again and we know that God’s not dead!


Troubles come in many forms, some leaving deep scares on your heart with broken and devastating pieces inside tearing you apart.
You feel all alone, confused and frightened keeping it all in. You might find a tiny bit of peace for a moment but the dread and fear of life never end.
Coping daily takes all of your strength, you have to rest for a while. A good day here and there in your mind may cause you some denial.
The anguish and sin in your life eats away inside. You may turn to drugs or alcohol to ease your pain while the heart’s desire to choose good or bad may collide.
There’s only one way to change your life and win. Give up, yes give up trying by yourself and leave temptation and sin.
Jesus is waiting for you. He doesn’t demand that for you to seek His face. He gives you a choice for unconditional love, peace and joy, leaving this negative, painful rat race.
Forgivingly, lovingly, gently, with mercy and grace. He’s calling you. He whisper’s your name.


We may never meet face to face and my words might be in vain.
But I felt the need to take this time to speak of other’s pain.
If things are going well for you and you have reached a peak.
Would you take the time to help the poor, the hungry and the weak?
The single girl across the road who’s kids aren’t clean, their house a mess….
When left with hungry mouths to feed may be struggling to do her very best.
The dirty old man digging in the trash, people look away in shame.
He’s been there for a month or more. Does anybody know his name?
And what about the young and ole who are living on the streets.
The neglected, abused or those who come from a home where they’ve been beat.
Do you know that you might be the ONE to change the life of another,
Reach out your heart and hand and help someone. They’re our sisters and our brothers.

My Testimony

By Natasha Waldrop

In September 2003 I became involved with a man that later became severely abusive mentally, physically and emotionally. By June of 2004 I found out I was pregnant with my first child and the man I “loved” was severely addicted to pain medications due to an injury that he sustained. By the time I had our son in January 2005 I was supporting my boyfriend financially with a minimum wage job. He and I had separated multiple times and he asked me to give it another chance for our son to have his mom and dad with him daily I reluctantly agreed to give it another chance he however did not change and continued down the same path of addiction. I had another son in October of 2006 and my boyfriend was at the hospital when I gave birth to both of my children and took all of my pain medication that was given to me in the hospital and at home after the birth. At the hospital with my youngest son he took a diabetic needle and drew out some of the medication in my epidural line and proceeded to go to the bathroom to inject himself with it to provide some withdrawl relief from not having any medications. On valentines day of 2007 I was at work and I received a phone call from the department of social services and they proceeded to tell me that they were at my house and could hear my son crying but couldn’t get anyone to the door they believed he was left home alone I left work and began the walk home to find two uniformed officers and two DSS workers at my house they found me negligent for leaving my children home with their dad while he was withdrawing from pain medications (he was trying to get help to get off of them) they made me place my children in kinship care of my aunt and I had to get their dad to a rehab so I lost my kids and the man I loved in one day. I began a downward spiral of drugs and became addicted to crack cocaine in January 2008 I turned myself in on a warrant I had for my arrest for taking fentanyl patches from my boyfriends uncle I was charged with felony larceny of medication, I wanted to change. I went in to jail and 2 months of being in jail my mother brought my youngest son to visit me and I had to see him take his first steps (first ones I was able to see) from behind a glass with him trying to figure out why he couldn’t touch me and hug me this broke my heart and when I went back to my cell I cried myself to sleep and made the promise to God, my kids and myself that I would never allow anything or anyone to come between my kids and myself my boyfriend and I had finally separated and I had no intention of ever being with him again the day I was released from jail I went and picked my kids up with only the clothes on their backs and a bottle and 2 diapers for my youngest and never looked back or questioned what I was doing, and went to dss and was given full custody of both of my children. In the years since I have been able to regain a place in society even with the Felon label on me I have held down a full time job and provided for my kids every day and I don’t regret it one bit sometimes it takes you hitting rock bottom to bring yourself back up and I feel that going to jail was the best thing that could have ever happened to me as it gave me the time to think about what I needed to do to not end up in there ever again. I was released June 2008 and I have had my kids with me everyday since then and couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. I am now married to a wonderful man that is daddy to both of my kids (their dad is still addicted to pain medications and has not seen the kids since 2011) and has plans to adopt them as his own legally, I am in management of a hotel chain, and I couldn’t disagree more with the people that say that going through drug addiction and being a felon and going through abuse will hold you down because it can only hold you down if you allow it to and I am proof that you don’t have to lay down and take what the world throws at you. You must be the change that you want to see happen in the world. If you want to make something of yourself don’t give up, no matter how many times you are told no in life just know there is someone out there that will give you the chance you are looking for if you don’t give up. I was told “No” 5,000 times before I found the person to say yes I will give you a chance so don’t give up there is always hope if you just believe in God and pray and want the opportunity to prove to the world that everyone is not alike you can change with time and guidance.
Rock bottom is the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life and will never allow myself to be brought back to the bottom again, I have been there and climbed my way out again and will only go up from here!!

Harbor Train

By Flight Attendant Cara Cassell

I’m in Baltimore and have clearly been in denial about how bad racism is in some places. I’ve never, ever denied it, but never witnessed such hate.
My crew was riding the train down to the harbor for light shopping and some good eats. From my seat I heard 2 white men arguing with a group (of what looked like young) black high school kids. I kept listening and could tell trouble was on the way. Seemingly, the kids were trying to move, very innocently, a female in their group to the door for their stop. An argument broke out between the 2 men and the group. At this point my blood was boiling! They stepped off the train and drew their knives. Sadly, and I say sadly because I’m sure everyone else was afraid, went after said guys! The kids were getting off the train, in matching tees and all, just trying to go away from the scene. Said rednecks pulled knives. My captain and I were both yelling at the guys with knives threatening these innocent kids. At the same time we somewhat chase these dummies out in the road while they are throwing knives as if they thought they were MD ninjas. I take two fingers and push one guy telling him he was out of control and being beyond stupid. He said “A bitch will get cut for doing that!” My FO pulled me back and they went on their way only to meet us at the corner using the “n” word as if they had the right.
I have to say that today I’m embarrassed by white people. Not all of them cause I know a lot of good ones. I just never had one clue about what some people I know have ever dealt with.
I’m so sorry for that and am embarrassed for those of us who were never taught that hate.

Pray For The Children

By Candi England

Today as I look at my son and pray,meditate I send a special prayer up for the children out there that have no voice. The children that grow up in situations that are not acceptable but the child accepts them because they only know what we give them. No child ask to be here and no child deserves anything less than the best we as parents can provide. I know their are situations that a child comes in the picture and the parents knows they are unable to provide for that child if so make proper arrangements because somewhere there is a woman yearning to give her love and life to a child but is unable to conceive. So many children have to suffer through because we the adults the “responsible” ones live out of emotion and we use these kids against a man we want to love us but truth is he will not because we use his child as a cocked loaded gun and therefore we put away what might be best for all involved because we are selfish living a reality that has passed. We may think we are heartbroken from our loss but the child ultimately loses the most no woman focused on what used to be can truthfully say they are giving the child 100% and the child most of the time is cheated out of a relationship with their father because we are selfish, and all the children that are born into a neighborhood or a situation that they can not control and become a product of what society says they have to be because they are never given the chance to discover what really lies inside them. They never hear the words good job,keep going, your amazing. So eventually they are just lost little souls looking for acceptance anyway they can find no matter the repercussions later. Children are innocent not one ever asked to be here so when you look at your child tell them they are the best, love them unconditional, teach them more than occupy them with a computer or TV. The next time your child is driving you crazy BC your trying to talk on the phone or BC you have cleaning,work,or all of the other million things that occupy our attention give it to them they deserve it. Thank God for a happy healthy baby BC you never know what woman,man feels when they can’t be annoyed by the sounds of that baby crying or that toddler tearing your house apart right after you cleaned. Children are the ultimate gift and its far past time we teach our children the best we have they are the future and deserve the best of us. When you see a child in need of the chance to thrive give it to them you never know what kind of gift you are giving by something small. Our children are exactly what we make them. I know I cant save the world but if I can give opportunity to achieve goals and dreams then thank you God for the great gift. So remember those children that would die happy if only they had one chance. God bless.

My Testimony

By Sharon Dalton, 3/27/15

I feel no more pain or suffering from my past. For a long while I have been delivered.
When I look back at the storms and pain, I know God brought me through it.
I was depressed, lonely and heartbroken daily with the feeling of being unloved.
I was miserable and ashamed of what I had become.
I didn’t feel the sunshine on my face, only tears from my eyes that constantly streamed down my cheeks.
Life seemed hopeless and there was no happiness within me.
I took medication just to survive each day.
One day I gave it all to Jesus and started following his examples.
Little by little God healed me and the darkness faded away and light filled my being.
Making other’s happy put joy in my soul and I began to trust people again.
With God’s help I formed lasting friendships filled with love all because Jesus was in my heart.
He was the glue that put my broken heart and pieces of my life back together again.
Today I do not have to take medication for depression.
My heart is exploding and overflowing with joy and love.
I’m using my past and deliverance from depression, broken relationships, and unbearable pain as my testimony to what God can do if we only have faith and trust Him and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
He is my comforter and friend. I trust Him and have faith that things will only continue to get better.
Should I stumble and fall, Jesus is there to pick me up, forgive me, and help me to push forward.
If you don’t know Jesus, I’m here to tell you that He is real and He died on that cross for you.
He can heal you, help you conquer the storm, give you peace in your soul, mind and calm the fears.
You can have a brand new life, leaving your past behind if you only trust in Him!
God bless you and may YOU find the peace, love and joy that you deserve through Christ Jesus!

You Have No Idea Who You Are Raising

By Darlene Brooks www.motherhoodhandbook.com


I am a mother of four children; I am a writer, a parent mentor, a performer and a survivor of domestic violence. In light of the most recent news, discussions on the issue of domestic violence and the upcoming October events, I am compelled to once again come forward and speak out. This summer I appeared on Bravo, a popular television network. On the show I portrayed an image and had sometimes comedic fun for the sake of entertainment (see attached). But, I will always find it my duty to share my testimony on more serious matters that I have overcome. At this time my message is not so much to share what I experienced during the most troublesome time of my life during my marriage. I would like to share what I have learned as a survivor. My message is “You Have No Idea Who You Are Raising”

Over 12 years ago I left my husband and fled my home with my 4 young children. I sent my then 12 year old son to spend the summer with his own father. I took my 3 daughters, then 5, 6 and 3 years old along with a few items of clothing in pillowcases and my only useful material possession, a minivan. I detached myself from the house, furnishings, art, jewelry and clothing. I drove from Illinois to Florida to rest at a friend’s home. Ironically, the friend was my then recently deceased mother-in-law’s best friend in whom I’d confided. A few days later I drove to a place unknown in the middle of the night to enter a shelter. It was a tiny, rural town called Smithfield, North Carolina where Harbor House (harborshelter.org) became our safe haven. My daughters and I spent the summer of 2002 in room #3.

I transformed in that shelter. I changed my thinking. I grew stronger and I developed and nurtured my faith in God. I made hard decisions during that time. I learned forgiveness, for myself included. I decided to forgive my damaged husband. I taught my children to pray for their father. I learned to hold my head up again. I encouraged other women I met who had stories and histories much more tragic than my own. I assured one woman (who’d rejected me upon sight because of the way I looked and spoke) that we had “come from very different worlds but we were indeed…all in the same boat now.” I even did makeovers for some of them and on my kitchen night, cooked foods like asparagus and avocados, which they’d never seen or tasted. I wrote stories to share with residents and I marched on court steps during a high season of “woman killing”. 2002 was the year the movie “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopez was released. The movie angered me. Inasmuch as we like to see a good payback beating by a woman, (as in this weekend’s “No Good Deed” starring Taraji Henson and Idris Elba) we must remember that messages in the media are very powerful. Enough had that one line by Lopez in which she stated something like, “I don’t want my child tarnished by being in a shelter…” I felt the movie may have mislead so many women who could have saved their own lives by going to a shelter, near or far, far away as I did. That shelter renewed my life. More importantly, it saved me AND my children.

When a mother experiences the soul-crushing horror of abuse, oftentimes the damage to her children is overlooked. In my talks and workshops and opportunities to speak to mothers and parents, one of my most important lessons is to be vigilant with your children. That means to keep constant watch over your children. This includes their physical, mental & emotional health and their safety. When I finally found the courage to confide in someone that my husband hit me, it was first his cousin who was a former police captain and also a woman. She helped me plan an escape and I am forever grateful to her. Secondly, it was my employer (and now lifelong friend), who was a Christian man and had surprisingly also been abused by his former wife. He said something so profound that touched me and never left. He said, “Darlene, sometimes when we are attacked, it is not us who is the target, sometimes it is our children.” At the time, I understood this in the spiritual sense that it was meant. But it has taken over 10 years to see the fullness of what he meant.

I have not had an easy road since 2002. Things got better after I left the shelter. I got a job at a small cable TV station in Atlanta and moved there that fall. I also joined a church and got counseling for myself and my four children every week for two years. I even reconciled with my husband in 2003 briefly after he got shot and I nursed him back to health (really, just like the Tyler Perry movie). But I left and filed for divorce when he showed signs that he was neither changed nor repentant. I applaud the Dekalb County District Attorney and the Domestic Violence Unit of the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office. The law enforcement was effective and had no tolerance for his threats or his foolishness. He was prosecuted and jailed. I bought a beautiful home on my own. In 2007 I became very ill. I had a tumor on my spine and I became paralyzed for short while. I had major surgery. My job shut down. I filed for bankruptcy. I went through foreclosure, which I now understand as “For Closure”. We have been homeless twice and forced to rely on social services on more than one occasion. But, please don’t cry for me because the struggle has not been in vain.

My children have done remarkably well over the years. We have had many occasions to celebrate. Today my son is 24. He has graduated and earned his bachelor’s degree a year early from the University of California. He is a fine young man who has been a great example to his sisters and a help to his mother. My eldest daughter is 18 now and she is a gifted singer who will perform in Europe and Africa this coming spring. She is a sophomore in college majoring in Biology at Fisk University. My middle daughter is 17 years old. She is a professional journalist who can be heard on NPR, Youth Radio and Huffington Post. She has traveled to Spain, worked in Bangladesh and covered the Democratic National Convention over the past three years. She addressed her graduating class at the Paramount Theater this past June. The crowd of over 2000 people gave her a standing ovation. The school superintendent called the next day to say the speech was the most profound graduation speech he’d ever heard. Many others said the same. She is an Ivy League freshman on a full academic scholarship at Columbia University. She plans to study law. My youngest child, a gifted dancer since she was 3 years old is also a brilliant scholar. She has been elected class president for the second consecutive year. She, too, is on a full (more than $65k a year) academic scholarship and attends one the most prestigious private high schools in the country where she boards. They are all thriving, thoughtful, productive and happy.

I never stopped my daughters from seeing their father. I don’t believe in separating children from their parents except when they are in danger. I just grew stronger. I exercised my rights within the law to the fullest extent. I became more aware of my own boundaries and I created a standard for myself and my children. And I never took my eyes off of my children. I don’t believe the abuse was about me. I know it came to defeat me and it could have, had I not left. I took up full armor and picked myself up repeatedly for the sake of my children. They never asked to be here. That was my choice. My responsibility is to them. Their dreams, their gifts and talents all deserve a chance to be realized. I am thankful for every experience, all the uttered and answered prayers, the shelter that was our safe haven, the gallons of tears and the lessons I learned. I have stayed vigilant because I have no idea who I am raising. But I believe, together we can all make the world a better place.

Darlene Brooks
The Motherhood Project


By Christi Garcia

Last month, Raouly had his first “real” appointment with the oncologist. They were hopeful that eventually we would get this monster that is lurking in his body under control. However, it was a cautious optimism. His PSA level (which is some magic number that he has floating around in his blood) was 2280. Normal ranges are 0-4. We knew we were looking at a steep uphill climb…and we were ready for it. He got his FIRST infusion and we came home.

We prayed. Many of you prayed. We prayed with friends. We prayed with family. We prayed with our church family. We asked everyone that we knew to pray for our little family. We were overwhelmed with the response from everyone! It has been amazing.

Today, one month after his FIRST infusion, he went for his second appointment with the oncologist. Our first stop is always at the lab so they can draw lots of blood to check those magic numbers. We waited for almost two hours to see the oncologist. His news was that Raouly’s PSA level is now at 54.


The doctor was completely stunned. I now wish that I had a camera in the room with me to take a picture of the look on his face because I can’t convey just how amazing this apparently is on my own. This is what this guy does. This is what he deals with daily. And he was STUNNED. AMAZED! SPEECHLESS! He told us, “I simply don’t know what to say. This was completely unexpected.” When the cancer doctor tells you that…in a GOOD way…you get goosebumps, let me tell you.

I am in a state of utterly overwhelming amazement right now. Raouly is in a similar state. We saw the look on that oncologists face. We know how miraculous this is.


We still have a long road ahead of us, but it looks SO much brighter now! Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts…EVERYTHING! God is listening and he is amazingly merciful!

The power of prayer

By Michael D. Samuels Pastor-Entrepreneur

I accepted Jesus into my heart at 11 years old. By the time I was 13 I wanted nothing to do with going to church.

God dealt with me all the years that I was out of the church. He began to especially deal with me during my freshman and sophomore years of college with great intensity. I even quit the basketball team my 2nd year so that I wouldn’t be so enticed to partying and sexing it up.

During my 2nd year of college as I played with the idea of becoming a psyche major, I studied ESP, transcendental meditation, eastern religions and even wondered about and dabbled a little into the occult not realizing this was witchcraft, after all this was the mid 70’s, almost everything went.

In my pursuit and hunger for God, I was seeking everything but not the right thing. My involvement with smoking marijuana, drinking, partying and sexing had significantly and I mean significant dropped, especially when I met someone and decided to be monogamous.

In my pursuit of God I would always go to the library and get a pile of books and read about different pathways to God. On one friday in Spring of 1976, I remember reading a book on ESP and began to repeat the mantras (meditations)in it. After about 15 minutes of doing this I felt and saw a dark spirit enter my body ( demonic spirits are always seeking bodies to inhabit so that they can live through that person). Many people’s bodies are filled with demons and they don’t realize that through drugs, fornication, pursuing wrong things can open up your spirit soul and body to demonic habitation, influence and infiltration. My saving grace was that I came from a praying family and that I had accepted the Lord into my life at a young age.

Because I opened myself to demonic forces during my search for God, it led me to studying and practicing reading horoscopes,tarot cards,tea leave reading, numerology, fire reading, and palm reading for 12 years. ALL OF THIS IS DEMONIC. IT IS WITCHCRAFT ! God is saying come out of these things now. He has no part in it. All truth and revelation come by his word and spirit.

People might wonder why I pray as much as I do and why I hold many prayer calls. Here is why.

In my late 20’s, I met a beautiful woman, we dated a bit but we were greater friends than anything else. She was involved in the occult/witchcraft, she told me that her mother and grandmother were also. I was like alright now (deceived). She accepted the Lord as her personal savior and repented of her sins, renounced Satan and witchcraft. She came to me speaking about the Lord. In my DECEPTION, I was saying cool but I will continue going my own way. She is still saved and serving God. Her conversion was real.

About 3 or 4 years later God began to deal with me again but because I didn’t understand, I missed what he was doing. To get my attention, God allowed Satan to affect, influence and take everything and I mean everything until I had to move into my office for a few weeks. I cried out to God, repented, god gave instruction to throw away everything that was demonic at its source. EVERYTHING.

One night on my way to a club, I didn’t make it. God led me to Christ Chapel NT Church where they were having a revival. A prophetess from New Jersey was ministering. The Holy Spirit reached out and led me to sit in the back. I grew there for 7 years under powerful and anointed godly leadership until I moved back to NC in the early 90’s. But during the first 3 to 4 years of coming back to the Lord, he had me in prayer and study for 5 to 6 hours everyday

Prayer, healed, cleansed,delivered me and gave me great revelation of God in deep ways to the point Satan has tried to kill me many times because he hates me and my prayer life. Why? Because real, true, right and fervent prayer brings God on the scene and stops Satans work in the earth.

This Is My Story

By Jerome Anderson

My name is Jerome Anderson, I recently moved to Virginia to start over with my life. I went to The Life Center of Galax for my alcohol and drug abuse problems. After I completed the program I started to slip up and hanging around a bad crowd of people. Eventually, I started dealing and using drugs again and it was not long until I was caught and sentenced to a year in jail. Its over now and I’m free again. . It felt like a breath of fresh air to be out. I needed a job so I begin to look for work. Nothing happened for a while then a friend told me People Inc. I went to there office and they helped me with ideas on where to look for a job and what was available for ex-cons. It felt good to talk to someone who understood that I made a mistake and had paid my debt to society. They were very helpful to me informing me on programs that help people in my situation.

P.U.S.H Ministries was another place that helps people who are just getting out of jail also. The people at people Inc. told me about them. I went over and met with Jill Burcham and she was a very nice lady. She helped me with food, clothing and listened to my story. I could see she was really paying attention. I felt at home in her office and thats important to someone like me who feels society hates me because of my past lifestyle. Yes I am an ex-con but she made me feel like a brand new man who was powered by God. We need people like P.U.S..H. Ministries, it lets us know that hope is still out there. Thanks to them I feel a lot better about myself now. I showed some of my art to Jill Burcham and she told me I had a gift. I use to draw cards for people in jail and now I’ll be drawing things a lot more now. Art was a way to escape the inside walls. My drawings are an expression of how I feel about life. It feels good to see someone smile from something you created . You can still be locked up even if you are free. Today I am free. My heart feels good. I feel good about myself and my past won’t stop me. I will make it and be a great member of this society who has faith in a power greater than myself.

Thanks P.U.S.H. Ministries and people Incorporated for believing in me.

Jerome Anderson

Church of the Now – Atlanta, GA 3/12/2012

by Bishop Jim Swilley (Posted with Permission, All Rights Reserved)

1. I AM NOT YOUR CREATOR: I choose to believe that it was God, not I, who created you in His image (Genesis 1:26), and so I will respect and always try to recognize whatever parts of His DNA are evident in your makeup, whether or not you ever conform to the image of who I think you should or shouldn’t be. Your relationship with Him is something personal…something that is between you and Him alone…and so I not only realize that I will I never fully understand it, I can also rest in the knowledge that I don’t have to. Your relationship with your God is something that I’m not even required to have an opinion about, because God is God, and I completely trust Him as your Creator!

2. I AM NOT YOUR SAVIOR: I choose to always remember that it was Jesus, not I, who chose you in Him before the foundation of the world, that you should be holy and without blame before Him in love (Ephesians 1:4). I also choose to remember that it was Jesus alone, not I, who died on the cross for you. I took no stripes on my back for you, and so I am unqualified to make a judgment call on your relationship with the One who did. I choose to remember that it is He, not I, who now ever lives to make intercession for you, in order to “save you to the uttermonst” (Hebrews 7:25). Your relationship with Jesus Christ is something personal…something that is between you and Him alone, so I have no choice but to accept it as it is, as you work out your own salvation “with fear and trembling”! (Philippians 2:12)

3. I AM NOT YOUR LORD: If you say that you have confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord, then I have no choice but to believe you, and to accept that as a fact, even if my experience with Him is quite different from yours. You do not have to answer to me for your life, because you did not confess me as Lord over it. And if you never confess Jesus as Lord in this lifetime according to my definition and understanding of it, I still choose to believe that every knee will ultimately bow, and every tongue will, indeed, confess to that fact, and so I believe that that will include you, according to my understanding of it. In the meantime, my only responsibility to you is to love you! (Romans 13:8)

4. I AM NOT YOUR HOLY SPIRIT: I will remember to trust the work of the Spirit in your life, and will recognize that it is He, not I, who began a good work in you, and so it is He who will continue to perform that good work until the Day of the Lord (Philippians 1:6). I have neither the ability nor the responsibility to convict you of what I may perceive to be sin in your life. Whatever needs to be added or taken away from you is strictly in the hands of the The Helper, and I will not be arrogant enough to assume that I could or should do what only He is qualified or supposed to do in you, for you, or through you!

5. I AM NOT YOUR JUDGE: However you interpret the Scriptures is something that I choose to respect, even if your interpretation is quite different from mine. And if you don’t believe the Scriptures, or even acknowledge them, I will still consider it my responsibility to be a “living epistle” before you, regardless of what you do or don’t believe (II Corinthians 3:3). You do not owe me any explanation for your world-view or theology (or lack, thereof), and I will not use certain Scriptures about “exhortation“, or “provoking one another to good works“, or being a “fruit inspector” to impose my opinions on you, manipulate you, or to defend my desire to control you in any way. I will not religiously hide self-serving motives behind certain verses of Scripture taken out of context to defend my desire to mind your business. My only request is that you will give me the same consideration.

6. I AM NOT YOUR PASTOR: I am not your Pastor, unless you tell me that God alone has led you to that conclusion…and if that is, in fact, the case, it must only be because He has placed you in the church “as it has pleased Him” (I Corinthians 12:18), and because my gift makes room for me in your life. And if I am, indeed, your Pastor, I am only a shepherd who works for the Chief Shepherd to lead (not drive) the flock..I will not be a “Lord over God’s heritage” (I Peter 3:5), but will aspire to be one who “rules with liberty”. And if I do ever have a personal “word” for you, it will not come from own opinion of you or of what you do, but from the Holy Spirit…and even then that word should be judged, as should all prophecy. I understand that as your Spiritual Leader I must “give an account for your soul” (Hebrews 13:17), but as a general rule, your personal life is none of my business. Period.

7. I AM NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR FRIEND AND BROTHER: I will not judge you, and will, to the best of my ability, love you unconditionally, as you are conitnually conformed to His image in the way that is unique to you. In so doing, I am making the effort to fulfill the Golen Rule, doing unto you “as I would have you do unto me”. I don’t need for you to be wrong for me to believe that I’m right. Please recognize that God is my Creator, not you….that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord, not you…that the Holy Spirit is working in my life according to His good pleasure, not you…and that only God can judge me, not you. You are not even required to have an opinion about me, or anything that I do or say, and unless you ask me for my opinion, I will not impose mine upon you in any way. I will respect your right to live your life as you see fit, and to interpret the Scriptures as you believe the Holy Spirit leads you to do, without any interruption, intervention, opinion, or commentary from me, whatsoever. I will allow God alone to be God in your life, as you allow Him alone to be God in my life. And even if I am your pastor or leader or teacher or spouse or partner or father or son or fill any other role in your life, I will still only want God’s best for you, and will pray that His will, not mine, will always be done in your life on earth as it is in heaven!

This is my pledge to you…

A Powerful Testimony

by Tremayne Blair (All Rights Reserved)

I HAVE TO SHARE THIS TESTIMONY:: I love sharing my testimonies because I know that there is someone else out there who will read this that may need just that extra spark of encouragement or guidance…..
So I have been in a season of transformation. And in my fasting and prayer time, I have been been asking God to prepare and make me a man for the one whom I believe God has revealed and shown me t…o be my good thing in courtship, to prepare me and elevate me in my leadership with my group OneVoice and my music ministry to share with God’s people, to be a leading example and outstanding big brother for my sisters, as well as a son that my mother could be proud to say came from her womb…To reach this type of transformation I knew in my prayer time that I was going to have to ask God to pull out and uproot some heartaches, troubles, and issues that had been buried deep within me for years that even I had forgotten about or wasn’t acknowledging until now. So this past weekend I was suppose to be apart of a men’s encounter which a time that you go and do nothing but pray and spend time with God. It’s all God all day and night, and I was so looking forward to it cause “I THOUGHT” thats where my transformation was going to take place. But no matter how hard I tried to get to this encounter it just wasn’t happening, something kept coming up….Well I also had a workshop concert in Greensboro with my great friend Daryl B Florance that was I to be apart of it as went to it….Well that night of the concert the spirit of God was in the place heavy and towards the end of the service it began to consume a number of us as we all began to shout and praise the most high God. Well it caught me real good cause like several I began to get my shoutin dance on!!! Well In the midst of my dance one of the pastors laid his hands on my chest and when he did I attempted to shout out hallelujah, however all that would come out was this wailing, and I could tell it was coming from deep within, I know the older saints know what I’m talking about because it was just a inner most moan, like I couldn’t form any words with my mouth, all I could do was wail…..I became completely slain under God’s awesome power, so slain to the point that I was literally folded over in my chair, didn’t even hit the floor! lol! But as I sat there slain, God began to speak to me, but this is all he said “You are set free”…..”Your are set free”….”You are set free”, it was the most refreshing experience I have ever been apart of. There was a sense of freedom all over me, and just to confirm his word he spoke over me at the end of the service Pastor Florance’s wife was walking up to me to give me a hug and right when she got near me to give me a hug I looked at her and I said “I’ve been set free tonight!” and she almost went up in a praise again because she looked at me and said “Thats exactly what God told me to come and tell you”…….See what God showed me this weekend was that he wasn’t looking for me to make a commitment to a location for the weekend, he was looking for me to make a commitment to HIM for the weekend, but like me and my incredible minster mentor Jermaine Blair talk about, I put a face on where I thought it was going to take place, cause I thought it was going to be at the men’s encouter, but God showed me that it can be anywhere, he just needs me to eliminate my SELF plans and walk with him in faith….This is why for the past 5 days I have urged all of you that if there is something God is speaking to you, something in your heart, or something that has been spoken to you in any of the areas I have mentioned in previous status post, please people please walk it out in faith, and when you walk it out in faith don’t look for a feeling from God which is where a lot people mess up….understand that God is not a feeling, he’s an experience…..if you want that experience, then step out on faith. I can promise you that myself, Mike Morris, Sam Bartlett, Lisa Bigbee Shaw, Topper Greene, Sedric Fulton, Isaac Larrowe, Jermaine Blair, Daryl Florance, Ada Scales, Jill McAllister Burcham, Rachel Rizzuti…. Joyce Meyers, Joel Olsteen, T.D. Jakes, and many many others are living witnesses that FAITH WORKS!!! It may be a a state or position that you don’t feel comfortable being in, but it is the most fulfilling, understand that the first 4 letters in the word Testimony spell TEST!….He’s is speaking to you or has spoke to you for a reason….

Heartfelt Testimony

by Collette Owens from Anchorage Alaska

I am sitting here in tears as my family sleeps at 7:25am thanking God for bringing me into a life filled with people with the same love I have found in Jesus what was missing in their life. Mannnn I fon’t know how to tell you all how happy I always am when I see so many people loving the words that God gives to me and believes that they are not just my words but the words that He gives to me. I want to share this with you. My relationship was establised with God by His choice not mine. I chose to committ a crime which got me federal time, but instead of being sent where i live God sent me to what seems like the other side of the world where He knew that He would have my undivided attention. I went from Alaska to Fort Worth Texas. I spent 2 months crying and trying to figure out how to take all my medicine so that i could end this night mare of a life, this was in September of 99. I only had 18 months but being so far away from home it seemed like 18 years. As I tried to figure out what time to take these pills i heard someone call my name “Collette” So I looked in the library and asked the woman in there if she called me and then i quickly said never mind because I was a number and not a name in there. I went back to my thoughts of suicide and once again I heard my name i said yes and this time i asked someone in the chapel if they called me and of course they didn’t. I was then drawn to the back pew, were i got on my knees and I began crying uncontrollably and i told God that i don’t know much about you and I don’t know satan and is this what happens when you accept Jesus which I had done August 7, 1999. I told God i do know that I am here with 1200 women and i don’t know any of them. I also told Him that my way isn’t working and asked Him if He can please help me? I can’t tell you how wonderful the feeling was that i felt after i said that but the best way to explain it is to say it felt better then when i saw my babies after birth. From that point on I had a whole new attitude. I was no longer in federal prison but in God’s boot camp, because I learned all that i could and for the last 16 months of my sentence there i spent my time with God from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. In December 20, 1999 a prophet from Kirk Franklins group by the name of Darrell Blair, was ministering the word in praise and worship and I was hungry for all that I could receive. He asked if anyone wants to be baptized in fire and I said yes me and he said for everyone to get up and start praising the Lord out loud and I did. I won’t ever forget my first utterance of my prayer language that i was receiving from God hahahaha, i felt like a little baby learning to speak for the first time so i stopped and it was as if he saw me cuz he said don’t cut it off it may sound like babbling but continue to speak and God will bring it through and God did and now I am crying again because i really only thought that speaking in tongues was rehearsed and taught to people, Praise God He showed me different. i don’t know why God had me share this with you but I have and to spend 16 months with God from the time I got up until i went to bed was best thing that has ever happened with me because i was able to bond with God and Jesus in such away that you all will never know unless allow Him inside and let Him be your number one. He will show you all the things that He has given me spiritually and i want to share it all with you so that you can be blessed like I was also. Jesus said all that I have done you will do also and much more and i took that to heart and I claimed it and it is true God bless all of you for allowing me to share this with you and to be a part of your life.

Ministry in Kannayyapeta

 Pastor B. Deniel

Greeting in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and our personal Savior. I have been praying for so many days strongly to do ministry in kannayyapeta. Because the people of that area are in idol worshipers. They are very poor and living in poverty. The Monday we arranged a meeting there. I went along with k members in my church to distribute food and Gospel. We get arranged a tent there and we were singing songs . But nobody come for some time. We despaired like anything. Then I remembered your prayers. I Prayed in my heart. I prayed that god to send his spirit from house to house, person to person, place to place. At first a woman came. LATER, SO MANY HEARD THE WORD OF GOD IN THAT TENT WITH interest. God motivated them to repent themselves on my speech of love of Jesus , His sacrifice. They believed Jesus Christ as their savior. Them after we shared the food we brought. God encourages us through the prayers of PUSH MINISTRIES, And your encouraging replies. We believe that God will do some day a great ministry through you in our area. Kindly pray for my wife and her ministry.

Please kindly pray for us. We ask that you remember to lift us up in your kind prayers. Please convey our thanks to all the Push ministries members . I hope that our Lord may give full rewards to you and protect you in your tours and visits. Thank you once again on behalf of our believers and family members.

May His grace and peace be unto you for ever.

Love In My Heart, Right from the Start

by Kathleen Wilson

This past week has been extremely busy! A team from the Woodlands arrived on Monday, which consisted of two adults, four college students, and six seniors in high school. It has very hectic to say the least! The kids are always so thrilled when new visitors arrive, but things get super crazy in the evenings when everyone is playing with the children in the living room! The team arrived and had plans to run a dental clinic on site for two days then at the IDP camp for two days. As many of the team members were students, none were licensed dentists. Instead, the team coordinator had worked with Christine here in Kenya to hire two dentists from the area to come and perform the work for the clinic. A few days prior to the teams’ arrival, Christine had posted flyers about around the area to inform the villagers about the clinic. When Tuesday morning came there was a line of people waiting outside of IAA’s gates to be seen by the dentists. Unfortunately with the large number of expected patients, the dentists were only instructed to pull teeth. The dental hygiene of most of the villagers is very poor, therefore a simple teeth cleaning most likely wouldn’t suffice. Many already have so many rotten teeth that can’t be fixed, so the solution here is to pull them.

The team provided all the necessary funds to run the clinic such as, paying for the dentists, supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the patients, and of course medicine. In Kenya you don’t need prescriptions; anyone with the proper amount of money can buy any medicine they so choose. On day one of clinic, I helped Posey and several girls on the team fill prescriptions. After a patient was done getting their teeth pulled, they would come to the window and hand Posey their yellow card that had their prescription and dose listed. We would then fill those prescriptions and give them a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste. It was sad to see all the patients walking to the pharmacy with swollen, numb cheeks, but they were all so grateful to be given the care, medicine, and new toothbrushes.

The staff and children at IAA were also taking part in receiving the dental care. Luckily, the majority of the children didn’t have to get teeth pulled. Ruthie however, was not so lucky and she had to get two pulled. I felt terrible for her because she was the first to be taken in and as soon as they were giving her the numbing shots you could hear her screaming from a mile away. A few of the staff members also got a few of their own pulled as well. All the other children at IAA have been here for most of their lives, so their dental hygiene has been good enough for quite some time. Poor Ruthie just has bad hereditary conditions with her teeth.

In total, 250 people from the village received free dental care in just two days. It was pretty remarkable to see the number of people who took advantage of the opportunity to get their teeth pulled! They were also so kind and thankful of the free care and medicine they had received.

On Thursday the team had anticipated on going out to the IDP camp to run a similar clinic there. However, things in Kenya do not always seem to go as planned. The pastor there had called Christine to reschedule. The team didn’t have many other options though, since their trip in Kenya was only a week long and they had to leave for safari on Sunday. Luckily, Pastor Moses was flexible and informed the team that they could go to the IDP school that day and provide lunch to all the children, and then on Saturday they could go to the IDP camp for a few hours and get a tour. Elissa and I decided to go with the team on Saturday to tour the IDP camp.

The long term volunteer April had told us that visiting the camp was a pretty emotional experience for her. I knew of the conditions to expect, but once we arrived there I was completely taken back. IDP stands for Internally Displaced People. The camp currently houses 522 families, of which there is an additional 100 persons who are extended family. The families arrived at this place a few years ago during the political uprisings and violence that broke out in the Rift Valley. The Kikuyu tribe was forced out of their homes and left with absolutely nothing. Many had to abandon all their personal belongings and homes. With no possessions, no place to live, and no money to support themselves, they were directed to what is now known as the IDP camp.

Seeing this amount of extreme poverty was definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever witnessed. Never in my life could I imagine living my everyday life the way the people at the IDP camp do. It is difficult for me to explain the living conditions these people face each and every day. The words unsanitary, cramped, filthy, and unbearable come to mind. There are about twenty rows of huts made out of log that are covered with tarps. Each “home” is 13×13 feet in dimension and has a “kitchen” and “bedroom.” I say “kitchen” because there is literally a hole in the ground for firewood to be placed in where they then place a pot over in order to cook food. The “bedroom” area fits one twin-sized bed and is to be slept in by all members of the family. The walkways in between each of the huts and throughout the site are made up of feces and mud. On our day of visiting the camp, it started to rain. Pastor Moses gave us a tour of the camp and we got to see how much the rain affects the homes there. The walkways became slip’ in slides and the tarps in many of the homes had holes in them, which didn’t provide much protection against the rain. We were invited into many of the homes throughout our tour and we got to see first hand the leaking water drip from the tarps into these tiny cramped spaces.

Despite the poor living conditions, I was truly blown away by the people. Their generosity and excitement brought pure joy to my heart. All the children followed us around everywhere we went. They loved introducing themselves and talking with us. One little boy in particular, named Brian, walked close to us the entire time we were there and never left our sides. Many of the older girls loved touching my hair and playing with it as we walked through the camp. The kids loved having their pictures taken and would continuously pose for us. The men and women were welcoming us into their homes and were so thrilled to have visitors. They enjoyed showing us their homes and exchanging a few words, which usually had to be translated by Pastor Moses. I met several people, but one family melted my heart. A woman in here 80s and her daughter probably in her 50s were living together in their hut. They were sitting next to their tiny fire and asked us to sit down, even though there was very little space for us to even stand. The two women were happy to show us around their home and were so excited to have visitors. We prayed with them and then told them thank you for sharing their lives with us.

During our tour Pastor Moses informed us that they continuously have shortages of food and clothing. Many only eat one meal each day and their biggest issue with having shortages is that they do not have the land or tools to start growing their own crops. Every day is a struggle for them. It broke my heart to hear and see first hand what these people go through on a daily basis.

I reflected back to last year when I visited the Masai Village and compared the two types of living conditions. While they are both very similar, I quickly realized that the Masai people have chosen to live that way. The people at IDP however, were forced out of the homes they once had. The men and women knew what it was like to have possessions and a nice home for their families. How they still have so much joy, love, and compassion for one another amazed me. It truly made me realize that true happiness isn’t about money, fame, fortune, or any sort of material things… happiness comes from within. Happiness stems from having a loving family that will continuously try their best to provide for one another. This isn’t to say that these families are completely happy where they are now, because I know that is definitely not the case. But it is to say that these people create happiness out of the love and devotion they have within their families. I have seen many things on television about poverty, but going to a place like this and seeing first hand the conditions these people are living in really hit home. I am so very blessed to be where I am, to have a roof over my head, to have nice clothes, to have food to eat everyday, and to have all the incredible things my parents have given me over the years. I am reminded however to not just be thankful for the material things in life, but to also remember how powerful love, family, and relationships are.

Women from Elissa’s church made 175 baby hats that she decided to take with us to the camp. Pastor Moses was very excited to receive them, but informed us that they also needed more baby socks. Without hesitation, Elissa and I both decided we would be than happy to purchase more socks. He then told us that he would love for us to come back the following Sunday for church and that he would inform the women to bring their babies for us to personally give them each a new hat and a pair of socks. We talked with Christine and she has agreed to take us back to do just that.

As much of an emotional experience visiting the camp was, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to see what I saw. It was truly an experience I will never forget. I am full of prayers for those people. I hope that one day they will be able to move past such extreme poverty and create a better life for themselves. Through all the pain and suffering, I saw so much love, compassion, and joy. When I start to have a bad day, I really hope to think back on this experience and realize that God has blessed me with so much. I want my love, compassion, and joy for life and for others to always shine through whatever it might be that I am going through.

Healing India

Pastor. B. Deniel

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus. We are praying for your good health and for your safe journey. We thank you specially by the Lord. GOD is doing miracles in Samalkot and vetlapalem in India region due to your prayers. We are also praying for you and Rev. Straw bridge . In very of your prayers to be opened doors unwarr us. Those word strengthening me in Lord. God gives me the people who are in sin and doing image worshippers . Thank you. You are also praying for those people. GOD Has given burden to those people also. So many people getting healings. A person got blood vomtings whole the day who is kameswara rao. We took him to hospital. They send him to house on third day with little life he was unabled to take breath. Some reple told me that I went to see to him. On reaching there your words made me remember that doors to be opened and did prayers for am hour. At end of the prayers he moved aside them opened eyes. All are wondered. So many praised God for his miracle . GOD has shown grace on him to be recover completely . Due to the miracles did by God their family get baptized . Through their witness so may people get faith and delivered from images. Your prayers are providing blessings to the people of India. Your prayers are opening our doors. Your prayers are shelter and pentection to us. And our prayers are blessings to you. You are praying for us. Our prayers helping to so many people to get miracles by relieving from evils and to get healings.

My Daddy

by Jennifer Vass

I lost my daddy on November 27th. I have never felt that amount of pain as I felt and still feel today. I lost a peice of me that day a part of me died right along with him. I miss him everyday and not a day goes by I don’t think about him. I have the comfort of knowing that he is in heaven with Jesus! My daddy was a preacher, sawyer, loving husband, daddy, and a good friend to many. I never knew that one person could touch as many lives as he did. He is one of my role models in life. I love him and I can’t wait till the day that we meet again and never have to leave each other again.

Since then I feel like I have had many storms in my life. I love where I volunteer but there was a time that I lost my joy in doing that. I feel that I let satan in and I almost gave up volunteering…. I prayed about it and talked to some great friends about how I was feeling as well as family and God showed me that I was still needed there. Since then I have been happy and finding that joy that I thought that I had lost forever! I also had to face another battle when I lost a friendship that I thought was going to be a lasting one. It really hurt me bad and I had to seek God for help to understanding why this was happening? I don’t think that God ever gave me an answer but he did give me peace about it!

Back in 07 Mark and I lost our baby that we wanted so desperately…. I didn’t understand why. Why God did you give us a baby and then take it from us????? I was hurt and angry and bitter! I prayed then also for God to give me that peace and understanding that only he can give us. God NEVER fails EVER! He not only gave me the peace and understanding he also comforted me. I miss our baby but now whenever I think about him or her I smile and thank God that we have a perfect baby in heaven just waiting on us to get there!

I also lost my precious scrapper a few years back (she was my cat) she was a part of my family. I miss her alot too.

So I guess you are wondering why this note it titled rainbows???? Well here is why….. I have been feeling down and depressed about my daddy and it was getting to the point where I was angry at God for letting it happen why my daddy he had so much left to do he was only 53 I still needed him in my life!!!!

Mark and I were walking last Sunday and it had been storming earlier in the day. It was still alittle rainy and dark looking outside but we walked anyway. On our way back home the sun was shining and we looked up and there was one of the most beautiful rainbows I had seen in a long time. Mark helped me realize what I’m about to tell you all reading this…. We all have storms in our life I have shared a few of mine with you sometimes we feel like God has left us… but on that day he gave me his promise that he never leaves us. We may leave him but he never leaves us…. It is hard going through those trials and storms and sometimes we lose our faith. Just remember that we can’t have rainbows unless we endure the rain first. I hope that I can through my losses help and be there for others who are going through things. I feel like God has let these things happen to me to mold me into the person he wants me to be. Even though these things hurt I love God with all my heart! 2 songs I feel led to mention are The potter knows the clay by The Perrys and the other Blessings by Laura Story.

Prayers Being Answered In India

by Pastor B. Deniel

Greetings to you in Jesus name. Our congregation and family are safe with the grace of God. We are praying for you regularly. We are praising God that He is doing miracles wherever you go. You are the vessel selected by God. You are praying for us. And you did prayer for my house. The miraculous and wonderful God did a great help to build our house. The house dedication was celebrated greatly. So many pastors came and prayed. The entire congregation participated. All the relatives and friends were attended. The wonderful thing is on that day 4th June there was no rain. I told it is to be held on 22nd but postponed to 4th. We are very happy. In the every of your letter you speak sweetly. You said in the previous letter that the doors will be opened. That is true. We are very happy in the new house. God listens your graceful prayer towards us. I hope you would see some day my ministry with the grace of God. I am praying for your good health, for your ministry. My family and I am praying for you daily. I will sending some photos ( mobile photos ). We take camera shoots but camera man not given the photographs. So I will send them later. We are praying for you and tour family and your ministries. Our congregation and family conveying you greetings. We are waiting for your kind reply.
May GOD continue to strengthen and keep you.
May HIS love shine upon you .
Pastor B. Deniel, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Smell of Brimstone and the Sight of a Praying Mother

by Mary Bobbitt with Deborah Slate Ginder, All Rights Reserved

Tax season was hyperactive on April 7, 2006, and my “ to do” list as a small-town CPA in Hillsville, Virginia, was pushing hard. Early mornings. Imaginary lunches. Late evenings–no, make that nights, and you’ll get the picture that there was little time for things that weren’t really important. The 3:00 phone call that afternoon was. Dr. Shaffer wanted to see us.

I hadn’t seen the itinerant emergency room physician since the stormy night almost four weeks earlier when he had attended my son, Eric DeHaven, with urgent perseverance. Kaleidoscopic images and emotions tumbled through my mind and heart as I remembered. . .

Eric, at age thirty-one, was out of control, and the turmoil in his wake was all but wrecking me. I dreaded going to town each morning. Would Eric’s truck be at his apartment? Or was he lying dead somewhere? Would he show up for work at my office? And if he did, could I bear another day of hearing how much he hated the job–though he never looked for another one? How many more arguments? How much more anger?

There was such potential for good in Eric–tender heart, ready wit, contagious laughter. He was bright, blessed with an aptitude for math and a keen interest in science. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. Eric dropped out of college, preferring partying to studying. And tripping over his inability to believe something he couldn’t explain, Eric declared himself an atheist.

I felt helpless, and almost hopeless. Like a supreme failure as a parent. Part of me wanted to tell Eric to get out of my life. Maybe that would cause him to evaluate his course and make some changes. But what if something dreadful happened to him? Perhaps, I told myself, if I kept seeing him every day, I could somehow get through to him and bring change. But the only things that seemed to be changing were the rising level of tension between us and the increasing number of bad choices Eric was making. A crisis was surely coming.

When a woman phoned me around 7:45 on the evening of March 13, I assumed she wanted me to do her taxes. Instead, she said something about an accident. I wondered what that had to do with me. Slowly I began to comprehend that Eric had been in an auto crash and was trapped in the vehicle. Rescue personnel, who were cutting him out of the wreckage as we spoke, planned an airlift to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, a teaching hospital about ninety-minutes from our home. I knew that wasn’t a good sign.

Eric was conscious enough, the caller said, to explain he had reached down to get something out of the floor while he was driving. He apparently lost control of the truck, which ran off the road, struck some mail boxes, then shot across the lane and smashed head-on into another vehicle. The occupants of that vehicle didn’t appear to be seriously injured, but the description of Eric’s condition was chilling: “It’s bad, Mary. You need to get here as soon as you can.”

By the time my husband, Victor, and I reached the scene, Eric was gone. Strong winds made helicopter transport to Baptist impossible, so somewhere in the night, an ambulance was screaming its way toward our small local hospital, carrying my wandering son. We followed, praying he was still alive.
I made calls while Victor drove. One call was to activate the church’s prayer chain. I’d received those calls many times myself, but I was never sure my petitions made a difference. I am a follower of Jesus, but did God really respond to my voice, to my cries for help? Despite my uncertainty, I prayed passionately as we traveled. My son’s life was at stake.

In the emergency room waiting area, I clutched a Bible as Victor and I continued to pray. That’s what we were doing when a nurse and Dr. Shaffer came to tell us the news. Their faces spoke first, and it was plainly not good. Eric’s injuries were very, very serious, they said. Very serious. The nurse hugged me and said she was sorry. Both Victor and I heard clearly the words they didn’t say: Eric was dying.

It all seemed so unreal. So impossible. This was not the way Eric’s story was supposed to end! “This can’t be happening,” I declared. “We’ll keep praying!”
And we did. Prayers for Eric…the doctors…the nurses.
Sometime later, Dr. Shaffer returned. Eric was being transferred to Baptist Hospital. The physician spoke directly to me. “Whatever you’re doing, “ he said, “keep doing it. It’s working.”

That sounded like hope to me. . . until the ER doctor at Baptist gently summarized Eric’s condition for us. A dire situation, he said. I must prepare for the worst. If family was not on the way, call them. He was sorry, so very sorry. Would I like to see the chaplain? The unsaid was said again: Eric was dying.
Yes, the chaplain. She came. She prayed. She stayed.

The doctor reappeared. Eric’s heart had stopped beating again, he told us, but this time for only 10 seconds. This time? ONLY ten seconds? Yes. It had stopped 5 times in the local hospital ER, once in the ambulance on the way to Baptist, and now a seventh time. I struggled to breathe. Even if Eric survived, the doctor continued, there was the likelihood of brain damage due to possible oxygen deprivation after twenty minutes of CPR and seven cardiac arrests. Long pause. Eric’s pupils were no longer responding to light. . .would I like to be in the room with him?

The litany of sorrow continued as I stood by the bedside of my unconscious son. There are no words for the anguish. Eric was there somewhere. He had to be. Under the labyrinth of noisy machines and bloody tubes. Lungs not working. One completely collapsed. Both severely bruised and soaked with blood, like sponges soaked with water, said the doc. Respirator loudly breathing for him. Body swollen from head to toe. Sternum broken in multiple places. Ribs on each side fractured at several points. Shoulder and leg possibly broken. Large laceration on his left knee. Vile, yawning chasm in his chest.

Human hope was gone now. Someone led us to a quiet room so we could wait together for the end. But a power greater than myself–the very God whose existence Eric denied–led me to pray for the impossible.

“My son, dear God! My son!” I prayed non-stop, family and friends joining in or quietly waiting and listening, Once, as I stood and walked across the room, a good feeling swept through me like a wave. Was it wishful thinking, or was God telling me He would save Eric?

I dared not believe I had heard from God. But morning came, and Eric was still alive. Another morning, still alive. I’m not sure when the miracle actually happened, but it was on that day, March 15, that a doctor first said the word to me. She had been in the ER when Eric was brought in. “This is a miracle,” she declared.

Each day brought amazing improvement. Respirator gone. Tubes removed. Machines turned off. Eric asked for a chocolate milkshake and a burger. He talked so lucidly about March Madness and basketball brackets, the doc said we could stop worrying about brain damage. And on March 23, ten days after the accident, Eric kissed my hand and said he loved me. He planned to stop drinking and start going to church. God exists, he declared. Yes, a miracle!

Eric came home on March 27, and his remarkable recovery continued. So did his struggle with faith. This time it wasn’t about the existence of God; it was about relationship with Him. To intellectually believe in God was one thing; to actively follow Jesus was another. That issue was still unresolved for Eric on April 7, when Dr. Shaffer asked to see us.

“I’m glad to see you!” Dr. Shaffer hugged Eric with tears in his eyes. “You’re a miracle!”

We listened with unwavering attention as Dr. Shaffer told the story from his perspective. Eric’s injuries, he said, were so severe that it seemed almost pointless to try and save him. To complicate matters further, his trachea was torn; his esophagus, crushed. Inserting a breathing tube would be almost impossible.

Dr. Shaffer continued. Knowing Eric’s survival was highly unlikely, he asked Eric if he knew Jesus. Eric said no. Dr. Shaffer told Eric things didn’t look good. Eric said he couldn’t breathe. The anesthesiologist put Eric to sleep.

Then, Dr. Shaffer said, a most extraordinary thing happened–he smelled the unmistakable odor of brimstone, strongly sulfuric and totally unexplainable in their context. It was, he told us, a message to him: if he lost Eric, Eric was lost eternally. The urgency of that realization compelled Dr. Shaffer to persist in his efforts to save Eric’s life. Praying as hard as he could, he and the anesthesiologist finally got the breathing tube inserted.

Dr. Shaffer left the room long enough to come with a nurse to the waiting area. He saw me holding the Bible and praying. That sight, he said, convinced him he must try even harder to save Eric. “He has a praying mother,” he’d told himself. “I can’t give up.”

The situation darkened. In addition to massive bleeding, the medical team was also confronted by the series of five cardiac arrests. Dr. Shaffer persevered, despite some of his colleagues telling him it was time to quit trying. He did everything he knew to do, he said, praying all the while, driven by the smell of brimstone and the sight of a praying mother.

When Eric’s condition seemed slightly better, Dr. Shaffer called Baptist hospital. “I’m sending you a train wreck,” he told the doctor there. After hearing all Dr. Shaffer had done, the physician at Baptist asked the reason for such extreme effort. The answer: “He has a praying mother.”

The trauma doctor at Baptist did what he could for Eric, then phoned Dr. Shaffer. “Why,” he asked, “did you bother to send this man? His lungs are like hamburger. We don’t think he’ll make it, and if he does, there will probably be brain damage.” Dr. Shaffer responded, “I sent him because his mother is a prayer warrior, and you’d better watch out!” The trauma doctor laughed at him. . .

Dr. Shaffer ended his narrative and addressed Eric directly. “You were saved, Eric, because of your mother’s prayers. Not because of what I, or any other doctor, did. In twenty-five years as a physician, I’ve seen a few miracles, usually in children, and the fact that you’re alive is definitely a miracle. Never before have I smelled brimstone while working on a patient. God has given you a second chance, and I don’t believe you’ll get another one. Go and tell what God has done for you.”

That’s when I realized my prayers had really made a difference! God had indeed heard my petitions, my cries for help! Never again would I regard prayer lightly.

And Eric? He isn’t wasting his second chance. He soon committed to follow Jesus, and often shares the miracle story to bless others and honor God. Alcohol has no place in his life, but his wife of three years, his daughter and step-son surely do. They bought a home recently, Eric finished his bachelor’s degree, and he’s working on a graduate degree from a Christian college. Every business day, he comes to work at my office, lighting the place with his smile. And sometimes, he even kisses my hand and says he loves me.

Kenya Praise Report

from Donna Campbell

My arrival back to Kenya started out with a bombshell. When I got off the flight in Kenya I was told I could no longer come in with a tourist visa. They gave me a month to get my self squared away. I was there with five trunks of things for the site and had no choice but to enter any way I could. I arrived on site on May 17th and Christine left that very afternoon to head to Nairobi for surgery to remove some fibroids (cystic fibroses). I think she had a Hysterectomy but am not positive. The doctor told her the recovery would be at least five weeks. She had her surgery on May 26th and has been staying with her brothers family in Nairobi.

I began my almost daily trek to Nairobi for immigration as my current visa would expire on June 15th. Finally on June 11th I was granted a 2 month extension. that would at least keep me here until Christine came home. I now have to return to the US on August 12th. I have moved up my surgery to September 8th , Of course I will be working on my entry visa to return while I am home this time.


Donna Campbell / IAA Kenya Volunteer

The kids are great as usual. Right now I am “kind of ” in charge. I say that because I know that the staff is in touch with Christine almost everyday and she is really the boss. But things are going well.


We have a new fill in person named Miriam and she does all jobs well. She fills in for Mum Jane and Mum Posy on their days off. Miriam is quiet but firm and the kids love her. She takes them into their room after dinner and talks and plays with them while she folds clothes. Then they have a snack ( usually fruit), brush their teeth and I read them a story before lala time. No fuss no muss.

The boys under Salome’s care are doing great. They clean and straighten their rooms before departing for school and do home work in the evening. The girls, Lydiah and Teresia and Lucy, are doing really great. They too are cleaning their room before school and doing home work in the evening. Everyone’s grades went up significantly this term. I am so proud of them.

I started a library check out program for them in my room. I have a shelf of new books and new study books. After they finish their homework they can sign them out and then sign them back in. That seems to be the key. It also allows everyone to know who is reading and studying what. I am asking everyone that comes to bring a few books for my library. They do not have to be new. Books for the 4th-6th grade level that are a little difficult are the ones they like the best. They have all the classics, so don’t send those. Lydiah would like the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. She has read the first one. I would like to have Johnny Tremain for Josephat. They are the two most avid readers . The kids also check out the “revision study books” and do homework pages for additional homework. I also keep in my library the toddler books to select from for story time. Right now their favorite is Where the Wild Things Are and also Corduroy.

The children who use the Library the most are: Josephat, Moses, Newton, Johnny, Lydiah, Lucy and Solomon. I must say they are the better students and can carry on really interesting conversations. Josephat, Moses and Lydiah are in class 6. Newton is in class 4. Johnny is in class 3. Lucy and Solomon are in class 1.


Johnny, Richard, Joesph, Josephat, Newton

It seems that the new Kitchen project will start soon. The old kitchen was planned for demolition but Samuel, one of our new staff, said it that would be bad because then it would be gone and useless. So he hired 40 men and they dug under the kitchen and CARRIED IT TO ANOTHER AREA ON SITE. It was moved all in one piece and then was restored and is in use while the old site is cleared and made ready for the new kitchen/dining/study hall. Lots of trees were cut down and were split into lumber and the rest are also drying into firewood.. The space looks really bare but I am sure when the new kitchen is finished it will look fabulous.


Work on the wall has stopped for awhile. It is complete in one section in front all the way from the gate to the corner away from the gate house. It is lovely to look at the two iron work sections completed with the names of God.

I was afraid I wouldn’t see the High School kids this time, but they did come home during Mid Term in June. I had told Kennedy I would honk three times every time I passed his school, which is right down the road from us. It would stand for I LOVE YOU. He said he heard the beeps and a friend of his said, “I saw your car and it beeped at me”. Kennedy said he just smiled. Grace came in on Saturday. She is tall and slender and very pretty. She has a surprising quiet sense of humor. Then in the middle of a rain storm in walks Francis soaking wet. What a wonderful surprise. it reminded me of the old coffee commercials they used to show at Christmas time on TV . Remember them? They always made me teary eyed. Caren came in a week earlier, so they didn’t get to see each other. She is still reading every chance she gets. Very quiet and elegant are two descriptive words I could use for her. Eunice opted to go to sports day with her school so I may not see her before I return. Nelson also did not come home this time. He opted to stay in school and catch up. I hope to see him before going home. It has been a very long time without seeing his smiling face.

August will be a tremendously busy month. all the kids will be on vacation and we will be having our first VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL. I will have gone home by them but will be counting on all of your prayers.

There have been some exciting things happening in the Livestock and Agricultural area on site. One of our staff has been gathering and selling eggs from our 100 plus chickens. It has been very profitable. Mama Jane said she would have a T-shirt made for Lydiah (one of our staff) to wear as the designated egg selling person. So I think you all should enter the shirt contest for the slogan on the shirt. Just send your entries to Mama Jane at: [email protected] and we shall see how creative you can be.

Please stay in prayer for: all the children, the staff members , the country of Kenya, the schools the children attend and for Christine and her recovery. That ought to keep you all busy for quite awhile.

Much Love,
Auntie Donna / IAA Kenya volunteer

For more information and updates from IAA, visit our Blog at http://intoabbasarms.blogspot.com

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Into Abba’s Arms Foundation
PO Box 130846
Spring, TX 77393
832 928 1298
[email protected]

“And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them.” Mark 10:16

A Birthday Wish To Give

by A Local Mother

A couple of months before her birthday, my daughter asked me if it would be okay if the people invited to her birthday party could bring food items instead of presents. She wanted to give the food to P.U.S.H. Ministries that operate out of the Galax Free Clinic. What do you say to that? I told her that was a great idea! We attended church that Sunday and the pastor shared her story with the congregation. She received a check from her Sunday school teacher to put toward her goal. When her birthday arrived she had a box full of nonperishable food items and around $100. We went shopping at the grocery store and my daughter picked out what she thought was good choices. She picked foods that everyone would like and would go a long way such as beans, pasta, rice, and much more. She put allot of thought into this and we are proud of her.

Jill Burcham of P.U.S.H. with Lucy

Jill Burcham of P.U.S.H. Ministries with Lucy

Mind Control Sermon

by Travis Melton http://www.breakthroughthewall.webs.com

Last night I had a very interesting and thought provoking conversation with a Catholic friend of mine. We were having a Bible study on discipleship & listening to Jeremy Camp, Kutless…etc and the subject of drinking came up, whether or not Christians should or shouldn’t drink. Now I believe that Christians shouldn’t, it is a drink like many drugs that can affect the natural balance of now only our physical but mental and spiritual states. It is a control substance that more than less controls you and opens your mind up to do things normally not thought of. My friend however believes one beer or a glass of wine at night is nothing wrong and it comes back to moderation and control. He believes it is an individual’s responsibility to weigh their own moral conduct and not to get drunk – on this we both agree! To get drunk and/or intoxicated to a point of destructiveness is frowned upon by both of us.

We went into the scriptures and found several instances where it said ‘not to get drunk’  (Proverbs 20:1, Isaiah 5:11, Luke 21:34) but my friend asked the question on whether the Bible actually said to abstain from drink altogether? I studied on this for several hours and talked to several other ministers and could not find a particular scripture saying not to drink at all except for certain instances where God directed an individual to abstain to receive a future blessing (Aaron – Lev 10:8 – 10, Numbers 6:3, Judges 13:4, Luke 1:15). We both had clear views on the subject and neither of us ‘converted’ to the other belief but held on to what we thought was right and presented quite an intelligent argument.

After returning home, the Holy Spirit started dealing with my heart and I started thinking that this is not just a ‘drinking’ problem but a lifestyle problem. I will continue to study on drink but as for me and my belief, I do not feel that drinking should be done but this is my personal belief and what I choose to do.  A single glass of wine may not hurt you as far as getting drunk or becoming destructive but it can become addictive and lead towards that direction but couldn’t the same be said for anything?

I can drive a car at the speed limit without breaking the law but just a hint of temptation and the right foot pressure could take us into an unlawful situation and cause death if abused.

I can eat a cheesburger and all would be fine but if I continued to eat them on a constant basis I could fall into obesity and a potential heart condition.

I can watch TV or movies that may have none too little cursing or sexual situations but it’s easier said than not to find the next movie with more and more until it turns from PG to R rated.

I could surf the internet and see the wondrous works of God but this could lead to the downloading of Pornographic images lusting.

I could find a girl to be attractive as one of God’s creation and this could intern lead to sexual thoughts and possible even an adulterous affair.

Drugs, sex, greed, money…etc – all can be abused!

The point of all this being that anything withough moderation can lead to sin. I have recently deleted my personal ‘Facebook’ account because I found myself consumed by it. I would spend hours upon hours chatting with people and playing games when I could be studying my Bible or spending time with my wife. There was nothing sinful about being on ‘Facebook’, in fact for the majority of my stay on here I talked about God and the scriptures but I had become an addict, I couldn’t wake up without getting online, I couldn’t go to bed without getting online, I had my phone set up to where I got every little thing that was posted up on here. I could not enjoy a meal or a Bible study or time with my wife and family without it going off and disrupting everything. If I couldn’t get my ‘Facebook’ high on every day I would actually feel like my life wasn’t worth it.

As Christians we need to learn to control our activities and hobbies before they become gods themselves to us other the One True God!

Spiritually Said

Hello there. My name is Debbie. Reading, writing, enjoying the outdoors, and good movies are some of my passions in life. Without question, my family and true friends are extremely important to me. I am a fifty-four-year-old white divorced mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother,(Nana), to my three precious grandchildren. The challenges of the responsibilities of being a mom and Nana, have enhanced my importance of being a witness for Jesus. Children are truly like sponges, listening and absorbing everything. I have expressed this importance of our accountability, to parents and grandparents. How we personify ourselves to these impressionable little minds, and those whom we touch in our lives are in fact a testimony. I have never had a soul mate in my married life. Having been twelve years divorced now, in my heart I believe that, there is a Christian gentleman who walks the talk for me somewhere. If it is God’s will, there is a life’s partner with whom I can share my remaining days. Still I would prefer to die in Christ without a husband, rather than marry an unbeliever again. The bible speak of being unevenly yoked. I know the dangers to a believer’s walk and testimony in Christ when living with a nonbeliever. Thankfully I am close to my daughters, seven siblings, and some friends who are spiritual believers like me. My parents have gone to heaven many years now. Having suffered the loss of cherished love ones, I am keenly aware of the importance of knowing that they are in heaven. This is the only solace in death. When I reflect upon my life, I am reminded that, at my age, I have already lived most of my life and am accountable to God in all I say and do.

Know that everyone of us is a gift from God. God created most of us with intelligence and talents. Many Christians, I feel, are also blessed with spiritual gifts. My spiritual gift is words. Since the tender age of twelve I have been writing poetry and lyrics. I made a pact with my Lord that if I was ever fortunate enough to be published that, I would never publish anything my Lord would not want to read. I haven’t! When one can generate feelings in others through words, one cannot help but feel blessed. This has been my dream, showing others through words, and acknowledging the importance of living a Christian walk in Christ.

Early in our life’s many of us think ourselves invincible, especially during the teenage to young adult years. I see this in my nieces, nephews, and other young ones. I believe that as my grandchildren, if the Lord doesn’t come first, grow they too will emit this trait of invincibility. With age, this invincible attitude disappears. The importance of living life in ways that reflect Christ and his teachings will ensure that my family and friends will rest assured that my soul dwells in heaven. Always and forever we are answerable to God; we must never lose sight of this. Finally, in Faith through God’s Grace and Believing in Jesus and the word, I am a child of God. It is my fervent prayer that I, like all true born again believers, listen to the Holy Spirit that dwells in us through salvation. I hope this is only the beginning of sharing faith and love with you.

Yes Miracles Still Happen

Danny WreckGod isn’t done with Danny here on earth yet. Thank you Jesus! And yes, this made the biker believe!

Does God still perform miracles? Yes he does! Here is my story:

Our younger son works for a cement company and is a driver. July ’09 on a Saturday, the traffic wasn’t busy at that time of the morning. Danny was going the speed limit when all of a sudden he felt the truck shimmy and shake so he got down to 55mph when one of the tires blew. He was on a highway and slid, hit and flipped over the median, (center wall), into oncoming traffic and PTL none there at the time. he skid quite a ways on other side as well. one man who was a hard core biker saw and went over to him knowing he was dead. when he looked into the truck, Danny’s seat belt was off, not broken, (had it on), and he was hovering 6″- 8″ above the seat in the air! Can we say the hands of God or His Angels? This man couldn’t believe it, Danny said this guy’s mouth dropped!! He helped Danny out. The EMT’s, Fireman, and Police got there at the scene around the same time. They all knew the driver was dead. They had all seen accidents like that before, the one before Danny, the driver’s head was a 100 yards from the truck, torso was around 50 yards, and waist down was still in the seat belt sitting down in the truck. When Danny and this that helped heard them they looked at each other. Then one of the EMT’s asked if either of them knew where the driver was. Danny said it was him and the other guy pointed at Danny. They told them it wasn’t a joke and the situation was serious. Danny and his biker said it was true. They were amazed and one told Danny he needed to thank the Lord and Danny said he already did. Danny was still shaken. And it took three huge tow trucks to stand the cement truck back up which took a few hours.

My Testimony of LOVE

by Travis Melton http://www.breakthroughthewall.webs.com

“Love never fails.” Those three words started it all for me, inspired by 1st Corinthians 13:8, and spoken by Evangelist Mike Jenkins on March 23, 1998 at Grayson County High School. That was the day I began the most incredible journey of my life, a journey that would lead to Heaven.

In 1998 I started feeling signs of depression and experienced suicidal tendencies, I felt like an outsider or a longer to my peers. I convinced myself that no one cared for me and love impossible. The mental anguish I felt was almost too much to take and I began self-mutilation as an outlet. It may not make sense to most the physical pain seemed to over shadow my mental state and that, to me, was far better than facing my real battle.

After a long struggle of cutting with razor blades, shoving needles into the gums of my mouth and scrapping my arms with knives I attempted suicide one night in my parents’ bedroom. I remember getting my dad’s gun and putting it in my mouth. I was counting down in my head from 10 to 1 and at 1 I was going to pull the trigger. At number 4 the phone rang and it was a miracle I did not pull the trigger because I jumped straight up in the air, the gun still in my mouth, in fear. I set there trembling as the phone rang and rang, finally the answering machine picked up and it was a member of our youth group saying she missed me at church (At that time I had not gone to church in months) and felt led to call and say that God loved me. I put the gun away but still could not find myself in seeking Christ as my Savior.

A few days after our school had a guest speaker and we all gathered into the auditorium to hear him, a man named Mike Jenkins. I don’t remember the details that led Mike to our school that day but I do remember what he said to us. He talked about growing up in a troubled home; a home where his mother was beaten and raped by his dad; a home where he was beat and rapped by his step dad. He talked about doing/selling drugs and embezzling from the post office but what got to me the most was when he talked about trying to commit suicide after a mining accident that nearly took his foot. I was all ears and soaked everything he said in and afterwards I got a chance to talk to him. Mike saw something in me and he asked me to come back that night and hear him speak to the public and I did just that. That night he told the same story as he did in school but this time he spoke of God and how it was Jesus Christ who turned his life around and saved him from all his troubles. The conviction fell hard and I made my way to a man made altar and Mike was praying the prayer of Salvation with me and I was Saved!

A year later (to the date) I was able to be at another service with Mike where I received my calling to preach, but it would take a long time to come to that point of service and many ups and downs.  I served God faithfully for years even starting up a music ministry for about two years with Stacy Aiken and Jesse Cline called ‘T-bone Ministries’ where we did concerts with local Christian rock bands “Hiz, Shadowed & Redeemed” but then I started drifting away allowing sexual pleasures to take His place until finally I was away from Him, the church, the ministry and wanted nothing to do with God. In 2004 I got into some trouble with the law and found myself facing Jail time. It was the hardest few months of my life as the court system decided my fate but it was also exactly what I need to find myself to Jesus feet again. I rededicated my life to Christ at my uncle farm one evening waiting of my punishment and God blessed me greatly. I was charged with 2 convictions of ‘Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor’, a $500 fine and 2 years of probation but was let off after only a year. That was in the summer of 2004 and by January of 2005 I had married a wonderful woman named Sarah Patrick from Florida and started another ministry called ‘Like Matthias Ministries’ teaming back up with Stacy Aiken and Redeemed along with some new bands/speakers, Cor13, Eden’s Way, Steve Carpenter, Steve Dunford & Godkind. We had a successful three year run until the church that had backed up financially and spiritually learned of my past and that of Steve Dunford who had served several years in prison himself before finding Christ and cast judgment on us and asked us to leave. My wife and I was really church hurt and made the decision to stop the ministry and secluded ourselves at home for nearly two years without stepping into the doors of the church. We never quite serving God, in fact we held services at our house in those years but we were scared to attend church anywhere.

It was December of 2010 when we finally made it to church again and it was at a little one in Galax Virginia where the Holy Spirit fell upon me and God reminded me of my calling to preach. Two weeks after that I began my preaching ministry and God has allowed me to preach in several local churches the past year, we held another concert with Eden’s Way and Cor13 and my online ministry has grown beyond anything I could have expected. We do not know exactly where God is leading us but we do know as long as we have Him then He will take us in right direction.