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In 2012 We Decided To Publish All Future Galleries In Our News Feed.
Below Is An Archive Of Galleries From 2012 And Older.

A Go God Moment!

The Clothing Giveaway was a GO GOD moment! At 7am there were already people lined up. Final count was 287.
A huge huge thank you to all who donated clothes from New Jersey and Florida, Charlotte, the twin counties and all places in between. A special thank you to Tammy Keys, Chad McMillian, Erica Sanchez, Becky McLendon, Beth Whitaker, Cindy Halley, Chris Goins, and Ada Scales ( our cheerleader) who worked hard and showed the true Love of Christ. Also a thank you to Tonya Roberts who handled other activities so we could do this.
We serve a Mighty and Powerful GOD! With Him, ALL things are possible!

July 2012 Clothing Giveaway

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VCOM Visit’s Galax, VA

What a great day for this community. VCOM ( Virginia College of Oesteopathic Medicine, Va. Tech ) visits Galax, Va. with 40 med students and several doctors. They offered free exams, free meds and free screenings. P.U.S.H was there giving food boxes and sharing their support programs with the visitors. It’s all about strengthening our communities.


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God at Work

St. George Episcipal Church located in Ft. George Island, Florida
What great outreach programs this church has :  back pack program, food bank, visitiations, intercesory prayer, and missions.  GO GOD!
Great chance to visit with them to day.  Praying God blesses them as they bless so many.
St. George Church

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Oldtown Baptist Church Baptism

Pictures Taken by Tammy Keys
Old Town Baptism

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India Ministry & Orphanage

Please permit me to write that letter once again and convey the meaning.:What a blessed and wonderful opportunity it is for me and my family to receive a beautiful and encouraging letter from the hands of God’s appointed servant.  Praises to our Almighty God who prompted me to write to thank you. I am thankful to our heavenly Father for keeping you and your family in good health and blessed your ministry.  Your ministry is growing and developing in order to focus its light in leaps and bounds.  Thousands of people are made happy physically and spiritually
We have 81 and above children, there are some orphan children, particularly there are 16 children who have no base or support from anybody. They are Cowboys, taking care of some farmers cattle only for marshal of food. They have no chance to study, educate these sixteen children. Their have practically no one, not even relatives. Please pray for these 16 children. So that some sponsors will feel pity on them and become foster parents. Definitely the God will show some one before the next school year begins in India, will re-open soon. Thank you and thank you for all your prayers.

Your’s Faithfully
Pastor Balla Deniel

Indian Orphanage

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Successful Clothing Giveaway

May 21, 2011
Clothing Giveaway May 21, 2011

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PUSH/GA Helping the (Homeless)

April 10, 2011

Greetings family, on April 10, Bernard Roberts (friend) and I went downtown Atlanta to give help to the homeless. Upon our arrival, we noticed a local church was already feeding and praying with them. We then thought to ourselves on how we could help because it was a large number of homeless present. We decided to stop anyway and ask the church how we could be of assistance to what they were doing. As we made our approach, the pastor asked us if we were hungry as he extended his hand in love. We appreciated the offer but then asked how we could be of assistance. He quickly directed us to Apostle Stephen Howell of Kingdom Come Ministries Outreach. The Apostle was even more welcoming. He introduced us to all the people who were instrumental into making sure the homeless needs were met. After meeting everyone, I remembered that I had packed my truck with several clothing. As soon as we opened the back hatch of my SUV, men and women hovered over us. We couldn’t distribute the clothes fast enough. These people didn’t care whether it was their size or not. There were full families, people with PhD’s, former athletes, drug abusers, people who have been affected by the economy, college professors, and former business owners that were homeless. Most of us are one pay check away from being one of these people. That’s what so quickly set in my spirit. God has a way of reminding you that things could be a lot worse. So every day you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, able to take a bath, eat food, drive a car and have money for the bus, be thankful. After we finished distributing the clothes, we join a humongous prayer circle. It was a very beautiful sight to see. Apostle Howell asked me if I would pray, which I did. As I began to pray I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit over us. There was such a spirit of unity in that circle. Once we finished, we began to hug one another with the love of Christ. Suddenly my friend grabbed me and asks me to go to the truck with him. He did it with such urgency that I became concerned. He quickly shared with me that the Holy Spirit told him to sew money into Apostle Howell. I told him to submit to the will of God. He got into the truck and pulled out the money. We then proceeded back to the Apostle. Once we got to Apostle Howell, Bernard shared with him that the Holy Spirit had instructed him to sew money into his ministry. Apostle Howell received the financial contribution in love and thanked Bernard for submitting to the will of God. It was an awesome sight to see the spirit of God in motion.


Luke 14:13 says, But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind. PUSH Ministries welcomes you to assist us with this great banquet. Having true compassion for the needy, as modeled by Jesus Mark 8:2, means we are aware of the need, we care about the people involved, and we are ready to act on their behalf. Having compassion on a needy brother is proof of the love of God within us 1 John 3:17. We honor God when we are kind to the needy Proverbs 14:31. Please assist us in our endeavors to respond to global poverty and hunger with actions. Of course, prayer for those in need is something every Christian can do. Beyond that, Christians should do all they can to alleviate the suffering caused by global poverty and hunger. Jesus said, “Sell your possessions and give to the poor. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Luke 12:33-34. The believer who selflessly gives to the poor will be blessed by God. “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward him for what he has done” Proverbs 19:17. These divine blessings may be spiritual rather than material, but a reward is guaranteed—giving to the poor is an investment in eternity. Let us respond to global poverty and hunger with hope. Can you please help us by acting on behalf of the poor with the confidence that we are helping further God’s Kingdom? “I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy” Psalm 140:12. Believers labor with the hope that Jesus will return, and “with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth” Isaiah 11:4. Until that day of ultimate equity, Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you” Matthew 26:11. That being the case, we have unlimited opportunities—and the urgent obligation—to serve the Lord by serving others.

Spiritual Contributions

Please empty your closets of the clothing that you’re no longer wearing, box them up, place the gender’s name on the box and mail them to either address on our About Us Page. You can also give by monetary donations on our Donations Page.  Please keep us in constant prayer as we follow the instructions of God. God bless you and become a part of this Great Banquet!
He lives,
Rev. C. A. Strawbridge Sr.

Push Georgia Helping the Homeless

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Clothing Giveaway March 19, 2011

Women Of Purpose Clothing Giveaway

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