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The daughter of Robert and Marsha Taylor and the youngest of nine, Linda found out early in life to pursue her portion. She often found life challenging but always had a positive outlook on life. She definitely saw the evils and spoke of them, but she never stopped believing God would always make a way and bring her out above all that she would ever face. Linda can be heard quoting” I’m not trying to be anyone else, I love being me” and “It’s never too late to pursue your dream.” From her childhood into her late 20’s Linda pursued God and music as a member of Mt. Zion Holiness Church of God in Galax Virginia. Her musical influences were her Father and older siblings that often sang at the family gatherings it was then that she found music to be a release and encouragement in very trying times. Also, another strong voice that influenced her was the choir piano player, Mrs. Shelia Young, an awesome voice and a soulful singer, Linda looked forward to hearing her sing every Sunday. “She made we want to sing too, to use my gift.” She saw something in me and she encouraged me to open my mouth and let what’s in me come out.

Music was second only to her love of the scriptures. This new journey is just her willingness to be obedient and to use the gift God has entrusted her with. To prove him to be faithful at his word to bless and promote it.

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