Tony Karusso
Born Darian A. Williams, is a Gospel Hip hop artist, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. His former stage name, Tony T.E. stands for Tony the Evangelist. Tony believes evangelism is the call of all believers in Christ, and he strives to impart wisdom, knowledge, and understanding into the hearts of all people. He is more concerned about the listener’s soul than the music, and it reflects in his lyrics. The music must appeal to the public and infiltrate into their atmosphere because most people don't seek change so sometimes we have to bring change to them. Karusso is a born-again believer who died in the image of Adam, raised, and brought forth in the image of Christ by the Holy Spirit. Tony Karusso has been walking in newness for 12 years and counting, and asks that those that are reading this please pray for him, in Spiritual Growth, Gifts, and a greater walk in the Love of the Father. Thank you and enjoy the music.

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